Scout Area Townhouse for Sale: The Best Cities in Metro Manila to Live In

A scout area townhouse for sale is available anywhere you look, as long as you exactly know what you are looking for in a home – from the interior, the exterior, to the exact dimensions of the place that you need. With this being said, another important aspect that you must consider when seeking for a home is none other than the location – particularly the city you would want to live in.

The perfect city can be anywhere you want; and in the Philippines, you better believe that this is true. With the numerous cities all over the Philippines, no city is more notable and recognizable than Metro Manila.

Metro Manila is the country’s go-to destination for local opportunities of different fields. The metro can provide anyone with pretty much everything they’ll need and want at reasonable distances, especially when one is looking for a scout area townhouse for sale, which can widen your options for real estate. It is no surprise that the country’s real estate can have its fair share of booms to the top – since its main goal is to provide quality and stable homes in stellar neighborhoods and to make sure that there is an availability of other forms of property as well.

In Metro Manila, there are at least 16 cities in its vicinity, all of which offer a unique living experience in its own right. All you will need to do is to take a lot of things into consideration, as well as setting the right conditions for your endeavors such as budget, home model, the neighborhood itself, crime rates, and others of the sort.

There are a number of cities within the Metro that can each make an ideal place of residence. With that being said, here are the best cities you can live in to ensure comfort, convenience, and affordability on your end:


1. Paranaque City

When it comes to a city that provides a huge reach in any activity of leisure that comes to mind, then the city of Paranaque is just right for you! With numerous subdivisions (especially BF Homes) around you, you may just be able to find a place of your own to call home. After all, there’s always a scout area townhouse for sale somewhere in this city.

Though property in Paranaque can be a bit pricey at times, the amenities that it provides can definitely enchant anyone’s sight. Many of their designs, both in interior and exterior aspects, ultimately highlight the growing modernity in today’s city standards. Additionally, most of them are definitely showcasing the latest in technology when it comes to several factors such as home security and surveillance.

Moreover, when living in Paranaque, you are surely treated to the nearness of certain locations such as BF Homes, SM BF Paranaque, Santana Grove, Duty-Free, and other famous locations such as Lakefront and the Azure Beach Club. Not only that, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) is also nearby, which can definitely help when you are hoping to catch a flight on time.

This city stretches for 2 different routes: Service Road and SLEX. The former is the better route to take should you want to travel within the limits of Paranaque, while the latter is taken for longer travels.


2. Makati City

When it comes to living in advancement, as well as innovation and vast opportunities in business, then Makati is the place to be. Thankfully, going here is not that difficult as there are numerous modes of transportation available for you to take.

Living in Makati can also take a toll on your finances – whether it be a simple condo unit, a full home, or even a simple scout area townhouse that’s for sale. Nonetheless, getting to live in Makati can be a really great achievement because not only will you be able to live as comfortable as you like, you are also assured that you can get to work in no time, despite the atrocious traffic.

With regards to the property in this city in terms of availability and affordability, it can get a bit competitive, most especially for people of a certain employment. If you wish to live in this city in the future, make sure to prepare a considerable amount of cash.

Despite all that, there are a lot of things you can do in the city of Makati. For instance, if you feel like taking a stroll somewhere indoors, then Greenbelt, Glorietta, Landmark, and SM Makati are some of the best places to go when you want to meet up and hang out with your friends conveniently. In addition, there are a lot of other places you can go to when you are feeling the need of sustenance as Makati is home to numerous restaurants and other eateries around, particularly the occasional jollijeeps. If you are craving for something, but for a cheaper price, feel free to visit any nearby jollijeep you see around the city.

Moreover, if you are craving for something ‘authentic’ in flavor and aesthetic, then you might want to visit the place called “Little Tokyo”, which is located at Chino Roces Avenue in Makati City. With numerous options for Japanese cooking, as well as different eating styles that you surely can enjoy, there’s definitely no limit to what you can relish in this Japan-reminiscent town.


3. Taguig City

Taguig is one of the most sought-after locations for property inquiry, especially when it comes to a scout area townhouse for sale nearby. Besides, with a place known as ‘BGC’ in your stead, who wouldn’t want to live in Taguig?

Speaking of BGC, or also known as Bonifacio Global City, this is one of the places where every form of opportunity can cross anyone’s path. For instance, you can freely take a stroll around the city’s beautiful scenery or delve into different endeavors of employment as numerous corporations are housed in BGC. In addition, if you are feeling a bit artistic, then the murals around the walls may just be your perfect source of inspiration. Plus, the Mind Museum is just around the corner if you wish to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

Another thing that makes Taguig great is that everything is near to one another, particularly at BGC. Should you ever wish to go somewhere spontaneous, you can always take your trusty bike and start pedaling! Thinking of getting fit? You can always opt to walk to where you need to go! Want to explore the city’s colorful life? Pay a visit to the Flying Trapeze to explore the world of acrobatics!


4. Muntinlupa City

This city is one of the most-visited in the Metro since it houses a number of shopping malls and numerous homes available for purchase. No wonder that the occasional scout area townhouse up for sale is always sure to entice any potential buyer.

Moreover, this city can ultimately offer you a lot of different ways to enjoy living in complete relaxation and enjoyment from malls like Alabang Town Center, Festival Mall, South Park, Starmall Alabang, and SM Muntinlupa. It also houses some of the most renowned educational institutions such as San Beda College Alabang, De La Salle Santiago Zobel, Muntinlupa Science High School, and other institutions of both private and public sectors for students from the South.

When it comes to the world of employment, Muntinlupa definitely has you covered as Madrigal Business Park can offer you a variety of careers for your choosing. Plus, with the city being near enough for Las Pinas and Cavite residents, the commute to work can guarantee you an early attendance.

5. Quezon City

This particular city can definitely offer more than a scout area townhouse for sale. In fact, this city is one of the most visited ones, both by people from the North and the South. With that being said, it is no surprise why Quezon City bears the title “City of Stars” since the city is home to numerous high-end subdivisions, as well as those who live in them.

When it comes to living in QC, it is important to take certain things into consideration to help yourself with everyday life – such as the traffic. Luckily, there are just as many days in which the city’s traffic is not a huge problem, which makes considering living in this city all the more enticing.

Moreover, if one were to talk about education in Quezon City, then the mere mention of certain schools within the area will surely draw in a crowd. It is no great secret that Quezon City is home to some of the country’s well-known and recognized institution namely University of the Philippines Diliman, Ateneo de Manila University, and also Miriam College. These schools are, undoubtedly, able to provide quality education above all else, which makes their presence in this city all the more apparent and demanding.

One of the most notable things about Quezon City is the opportunity to invest, particularly in the field of real estate. With numerous property deals within the vicinity of the city – especially in locations like Katipunan Avenue and Eastwood – it’s hard not to resist such a tempting offer, which in turn can ensure sales for a scout area townhouse. Plus, with UP Town Center, Maginhawa Street, and Eastwood nearby, where else would you want to go for a day of fun, or even a night out to town?


6. Marikina City

Widely known as the country’s shoe capital, Marikina is one of the many cities of Metro Manila that is truly rich in history – as much as it is in the world of authentic Filipino footwear. When it comes to other opportunities, particularly in terms of profit, revenue, and numerous deals on property, Marikina can definitely deliver on those aspects very well.

Marikina is known for numerous things other than shoes. The city is also known for its numerous cuisine offerings. If you are looking for a perfect place to dine in with your friends, all you will need to do is look around your surroundings and rest assured that you are bound to find something delectable.

When it comes to living in Marikina, the properties you can avail for are all at a reasonable price, despite the distance it can take to get you to the city. The numerous apartment complexes, scout area townhouses for sale, and other homes in the market can be yours in the future. You just have to know what exactly you are looking for.

In addition, if you are planning to be employed in this city, there is no need for you to be worried as Marikina houses numerous companies and other businesses for you to venture into.


7. Pasig City

Venturing further up North of the Metro, this city stands proudly among the rest. Pasig is home to some of the most urbanized aspects you can ever find in a city. Additionally, when it comes to the world of business, Ortigas is definitely your best bet.

When it comes to living in Pasig, there is no shortage of which home you can live in. In fact, a scout area townhouse for sale is always available for you to check out and purchase. Also, with these kinds of homes in Pasig, you won’t have to worry about the traffic anytime soon.

Another thing that makes Pasig great is none other than Robinson’s, a well-known chain of malls in the Philippines. In this particular branch, it ultimately caters to Pasig residents and every visitor from around the Metro. If you are looking for a place to hang out at, why not search around this city?

Key Takeaway

All in all, these cities that surround Metro Manila can give you the comfort and convenience that you need and want. With that said, you will need a realty corporation to help you seal the deal – and what better company to do that than New Manila San Juan?

New Manila San Juan offers numerous deals on numerous properties, all of which are sure to meet your standards in terms of comfortable living. Their services are deserved by clients all around; and when they deliver, they provide nothing but the best.

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