New Manila San Juan
City Guide | June 18,2019

Get the Best Dining Experience with this Top 4 Places to Eat in New Manila and San Juan

The food scene of Metro Manila’s cities is continuously evolving. With more outsiders coming to work or study, cafes and restaurants are at its most vibrant ever. Some examples are the cities of San Juan and Quezon City proving themselves to have the best neighborhoods for young professionals and families. They are prime for development […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | Real Estate News | Tips | June 10,2019

What Kind of Real Estate Should You Invest Today?

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas released its Residential Real Estate Price Index (RREPI) for 2018. The report indicated that there is an increase of 0.5% and 1.6% on the national and NCR level, respectively.   Experts believed that 2019 is expected to be good for the residential real estate market due to competitive prices and […]
New Manila San Juan
Events | Tips | May 30,2019

Alexa Vs Google Assistant Vs Siri: Which Home Automation Works Best For You

  Since the launching of Siri in 2011, the use of virtual assistants in the household has exponentially increased. This is also the reason why many other companies created their own version of assistants. It wouldn’t be a surprise if most houses, anywhere in the world, have these new virtual assistants sitting around the room. […]
New Manila San Juan
Events | Tips | May 16,2019

Leave the Scare Off With Our Fail-proof Steps in Owning Your First Ever Home!

Purchasing a property is a great investment. You can turn it into a small business or translate it into a place of residence. If you then decide to maximize it as your first ever home, the journey will be exciting but never easy! Here are the fail-proof steps and tips on purchasing your property smoothly: […]
New Manila San Juan
Events | May 10,2019

7 FailProof Steps to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

  Summer season is the best time to bond with your family and friends. You can either go to the beach to beat the heat or watch a movie in the comfort of your home. But you’re probably worried about the heat lingering the room that might cause discomfort to your visitors. Well, you don’t […]
New Manila San Juan
Events | May 3,2019

Mother’s Day Special: Top 5 Places to Dine

Good company makes a good meal, and there is no better company to celebrate Mother’s Day than your own family! If nobody in the family is a professional chef or a budding cook, it is best to eat outside. After all, our mothers deserve the best and new tastes out there.   We have listed […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | Real Estate News | April 25,2019

When Investing in Your Future Home, Safety Must Be Your First Priority

In light of the recent events wherein there were 3 notable earthquakes with magnitudes ranging from 4.2-6.1 in various parts of the metro. The thought that when investing in a property, safety should be one of your utmost priorities. As of this writing, 16 people have already been casualties of the recent calamity that struck […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | Family | April 5,2019

Happy Times at Home With The Family This Holy Week

Happy Times at Home With The Family This Holy Week
New Manila San Juan
Events | Tips | March 22,2019

Top 3 Tips for Newlyweds: Moving Into Your New Townhouse

There are so many exciting moments to look forward to! You’ve just said, “I do” and are about to start a new life with the love of your life.
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