New Manila San Juan
Blog | August 8,2018

Why More People are Looking to Live in Scout Area Townhouses for Sale

Why are more people looking to live in Scout Area townhouses for sale? Convenience and community Low maintenance Reduced costs Increased security Smart, modern living   There are a lot of things that you need to think about if you are looking to buy a new home. This list includes the size of the property, […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | July 31,2018

Important Tips to Consider When Looking for a Property Online

Are you looking to buy a townhouse for sale in Scout Area or other parts of Metro Manila? Buying a new home is a serious investment which should take a lot of effort and preparation. Whether you are a seasoned home buyer or it’s your first time, purchasing a home can be difficult. It takes […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | July 26,2018

How to Outfit Your San Juan Townhouse for Modern Living

How can you outfit your San Juan townhouse for modern living? Keep surfaces uncluttered Opt for furniture with elegant, clean lines Use unobtrusive curtains Hide or get rid of electrical cords Hang abstract modern art   If there was one word that could succinctly describe what modern living is all about, it would be simplicity. […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | July 18,2018

5 Important Details to Know When Looking for a Scout Area Townhouse for Sale

What are the small but important details you should know when looking for a Scout Area townhouse for sale? Good neighbors Pet policies Amenities Great neighborhood Fair lease   You don’t have to be a professional realtor to know what to look for in a townhouse for sale in Scout Area and other places here […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | July 11,2018

6 Ways You Can Make Your San Juan Townhouse Cozier Without Breaking the Bank

What are some of the ways you can make your San Juan Townhouse cozier without breaking the bank? Lighting Fragrance Textiles Wall Decor Plants Pictures   One of the better parts of purchasing your own townhouse in San Juan and other cities here in the Metro is that you can make it your own. Once […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | July 4,2018

Simple Guidelines for Home Renovation

What are the guidelines for a successful home renovation? Whip up a cohesive plan Set a realistic budget Hire trusted professionals Always be ready to make decisions   Renovating a home, whether it’s a new scout area townhouse for sale or your old bungalow home in the village, can be a smart investment especially if […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | June 28,2018

Minimalism in a San Juan Townhouse

What are some great tips for designing a minimalist living space? Prioritize necessities Simple and light color palettes Versatile furniture Understand the minimalism process Stick with high-quality materials   When it comes to living in a San Juan townhouse, for the most part, your home space can make all the difference with your overall quality […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | June 22,2018

5 Entertainment Setup Tips for Any Townhouse

What are the major factors that come into play when it comes to your home entertainment setup? Home Theater Setup The Best Sound System The Right TV Seating The Room Itself   Whether you are already a proud homeowner or currently scouting areas for a townhouse for sale, setting up an entire home entertainment system can […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | June 14,2018

Father’s Day Ideas with Your San Juan Townhouse

What are some great ideas for a fun Father’s Day at home? Decorate together. Cook together. Reminisce with old photos and videos Prepare a Father’s Day program Enjoy the outdoors   Father’s Day is one of the most important events of the year where we take time to celebrate everything that our dads have done […]
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