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New Manila San Juan
Blog | January 15,2018

San Juan Townhouse for Sale: Perks of Living in this Area

What are the perks of living in one of the townhouse for sale in San Juan? ● It’s located at the center of the metropolis ● It’s accessible to public transportation ● It’s close to commercial establishments ● It’s full of food choices ● It’s home to prestigious schools ● It offers stellar health services […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | January 9,2018

Why Invest Your Money in the Townhouse for Sale in New Manila

Why should you invest your money in the townhouse for sale in New Manila? ● It offers you a sense of luxury ● It boasts enough space for everyone ● It’s a cradle of art, history, and culture ● School and business districts are nearby ● It’s close to commercial establishments   The National Capital […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | January 2,2018

Scout Area Townhouse for Sale: A Great Real Estate Investment

What makes a townhouse in Scout Area a great real estate investment? It’s located in Quezon City It’s rich in history Real estate options are great in this area   Real estate is something to both relish and take a risk in. While there are numerous properties to be availed for, there are also several […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | December 29,2017

Scout Area Townhouse for Sale: The Greatest Christmas Present Anyone Can Enjoy

Why is a Scout Area Townhouse the best Christmas present? Scout Area has a rich history Many leisure points are available for QC residents It’s a place where creativity can thrive Properties have great structures QC is a great area for real estate investment   Christmas might be over, but the holiday season is still […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | December 21,2017

5 Ways to Decorate Your New Manila Townhouse this Holiday Season

Your New Manila townhouse may already be beautiful, but is it missing that holiday vibe that all your neighbors have? Well, there’s no need to worry because decorating your townhouse in a way that it exemplifies the holiday spirit is not that difficult! You only need the proper motivation, materials, and holiday spirit to fill […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | December 19,2017

Real Estate Nightmares You Wouldn’t Find in a New Manila Townhouse

What real estate nightmares you wouldn’t experience in New Manila? Noise Pollution Bad Neighbors Poor History   More often than not, a person that rents or buys a real estate property experiences the unit or property that they started renting had nightmarish problems that would cause a massive headache. Fortunately, here in the Philippines, there […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | December 4,2017

Why Your New Manila Townhouse is the New “It” House

Why is a townhouse the ideal home for you? They are more than just glorified apartments Townhouses are miniature houses Townhouses offer a good neighborhood community   The sudden appearance of quirky, creative housing ideas has taken the world by storm. More and more people have adapted to this outside the box housing ideas, and […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | December 1,2017

How You Should Design Your San Juan Townhouse

What kind of furniture should you use to design your townhouse? Practical and space-saver furniture – Be smart about your furniture choices by using those that can also provide you more storage. Convertible furniture – An example of this is a dining table than can double up as a pool table. Furniture with vibrant and […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | November 27,2017

Why You Should Buy a New Manila Townhouse That’s for Sale

What are the reasons that could convince you to buy a New Manila townhouse? New Manila has a rich history. New Manila is considered to be a hot pot of creativity. New Manila has structures that are elegantly developed. New Manila has various restaurant offerings. New Manila is home to Greenhills Shopping Center.   New […]
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