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Blog | April 13,2018

4 Ways You Could Save on Your Electricity Bill This Summer

What are ways to save on your electricity bill this summer? Unplug appliances which aren’t being used Make use of natural lighting Use sunlight as a dryer for laundry Use a timer for your air conditioning unit   The Philippines is globally recognized as a top summer getaway for its eye-catching beaches and its tropical […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | April 3,2018

7 Tips on Fire-Proofing Your Scout Area Townhouse for Sale

What are the 7 ways to fire-proof a home? Install Smoke Alarms Have Fire Extinguishers Nearby Don’t Overload the Wirings Avoid Candles Fireproof the Furniture De-clutter Separate curtains and lighting fixtures   House fires are quite frequent during the summer months here in the Philippines, which is why most schools and organizations hold fire drills […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | March 28,2018

Become a Good Neighbor in Your San Juan Townhouse for Sale with These Tips

How can you become a good neighbor? Warmly welcome them Do not be indifferent Be conscious if you are sharing a wall Train and manage your pet Always exhibit parking etiquette Be wary of your surroundings Inform them of the local news   There is this famous phrase that states that “No man is an […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | March 20,2018

Real Estate Under the Train Law: The Changes and Its Effects

The Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusions (TRAIN), or Republic Act (RA) 10963, has already commenced. It was signed into law last December 19, 2017, and became effective last January 1. Aside from revisions in the income, excise, and donor’s tax rates, there are also changes in the estate taxes. This, needless to say, will […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | March 14,2018

Follow These Electrical Safety Tips to Safeguard Your San Juan Townhouse for Sale

What are some electrical safety tips that could safeguard your home? Consult with an electrician Keep an eye out for power lines Purchase only quality appliances Avoid overloading extension cords Practice proper cable management   Searching for a new place to live is serious work—it takes a lot of time and effort, and all options […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | March 2,2018

6 Common Mistakes When Designing a New Manila Townhouse for Sale

What are the common mistakes when designing a New Manila townhouse for sale? 1. Getting over- or under-sized furniture 2. Opting for lighting that is too harsh or too dim 3. Selecting paint before furniture 4. Combining different styles 5. Including too many family photos 6. Not hiding your storage   Nowadays, prospective homeowners have […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | February 26,2018

Should You Get a Townhouse for Sale in New Manila or Rent a Condo?

How do you know if you should get a townhouse for Sale in New Manila or Rent a Condo? First, consider the location. List down the pros of a townhouse. Note the benefits of renting a condo. Weigh in your options, and opt for the one that best suits your needs and preference.   Times […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | February 21,2018

6 Brilliant Ways to Declutter a Townhouse for Sale in Scout Area

What are brilliant ways to declutter a townhouse for sale in Scout Area? 1. Note the problem areas. 2. Tackle the rooms one by one. 3. Clear flat surfaces. 4. Label your clutter piles. 5. Store your items smartly. 6. Considering investing in multipurpose furniture.   One of the most charming things about a townhouse […]
New Manila San Juan
Blog | February 12,2018

Scout Area Townhouse for Sale: 5 Essential Feng Shui Decorating Tips

What are the essential feng shui decorating tips for a Scout Area townhouse for sale? 1. Front Door (clear the space for the door, harmonize the colors of the home with the front door, making sure that the door is just the right proportion) 2. Living Room (clear the clutter, let more light in, make […]
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