The New Manila Townhouse Prestige: Rediscovering its Wealthy History

Nowadays, you will find a thriving mini city in New Manila; townhouses, restaurants, institutions, entertainment hubs, and other cultural destinations can be found in prevalence here. New Manila had its historic appreciation way back in the American occupation era. It was well-known for its exclusivity and peaceful atmosphere; creating a bubble of space for those who wanted to move away from the Capital’s unbearable pollution and noise.


Early Beginnings: Before the Institutions and Townhouses of New Manila

Way back in the Hispanic colonization era – before any New Manila townhouse or entertainment hub was born – the town was merely a blank area in Quezon City waiting for details to be drawn into it to fill its humble space of land. It barely consisted infrastructures. There were barely any homes, commercial stores, and others. Just imagine New Manila without townhouses left and right. Weird! All that it had to offer back then was a scenic view of fields; a completely different world compared to the progressive Capital of the Philippines, Manila.

However, not very long after, the fields were bought by the Filipino elites during the early American colonization. It was during that time where people looked for places to escape the buzzing noise and uncontrollable pollution in Manila; due to its commercialization.

Also during the American colonization, the vast land next to Manila was developed, which is now what we call Quezon City. It was also heavily commercialized.  Eventually, it would grow to hold many big institutions and townhouses – like the New Manila we know today. But during that time, the following could already be found there:

– Government offices
– TV and radio network stations
– Universities and institutions
– LRT and MRT stations,
– Restaurants and entertainment centers

It was the beginnings of Quezon City we know today. With such a bustling commercial city, it was widely considered as the second Capital of the Philippines under the administration of the late President Manuel L. Quezon. Along with its development was the development of its subordinate districts. This included New Manila, which quickly became a favorite abode and/or niche for many. People such as celebrities and business owners flocked the area. Eventually, a diverse population of different cultures rent and bought spaces and townhouses in New Manila; making its humble land into a community of class, peace, and tranquility.

The Rise of New Manila: Townhouses Inspired by New York

New Manila, being one of the 142 districts of the Quezon City, currently sits on the west-central portion of the city. It’s an area bridging the city to the Philippine Capital itself through the routes of Aurora Boulevard and E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue.

A quick travel through the city will expose anyone to its historic glory; made obvious through the presence of magnificent mansions in between the newer developments. One question that many would ask while basking in the grace of its history is this: where did it all begin?

In 1930, Doña Magdalena Hemady, a Lebanese elite, envisioned building an exclusive residential compound in the suburbs of San Juan. Eventually, she made her dreams happen, and called this place as Hacienda Magdalena; the first name of New Manila.

The area’s design was inspired from popular foreign countries such as New York. Hence, its tree-lined streets are named by number. 1st to 13th run along the main avenues: Victoria, Broadway, and Gilmore (also known as Doña Hemady). The planting of trees on both sides of the streets also created an image of shaded roads that are great for morning exercise and afternoon strolls. It’s also a refreshing place to travel through in the middle of a busy city. Not long after, this was used as an inspiration for the Ayala’s in the creation of Forbes Park way back in the 1950’s. It was indeed after the development of San Juan when townhouses, commercial sites, and transportation hubs filled the land of New Manila.

The residential area also housed a number of families during World War II, as the war ravaged the City of Manila. Even after the war, New Manila stood proud and was well-appreciated by the locals of the country.

The Modern Beauty of New Manila

As the years pass by, before classic residential townhouse, New Manila has been filled in with huge buildings. All of which have turned into the go-to places for numerous people in the Metro for recreation. Residents have stayed for an exclusive and quiet place to live in, while some visit to the various attractions that the exclusive city is known to offer. These places include:

1. A Bunch of Restaurants

There’s no denying that almost every born and bred Filipino loves to eat. It’s obvious because of the emphasis of food in many Pinoy celebrations. All these festivities can attest to the fact that indeed, Filipinos love food in all of its forms and purposes.

However, it may be a whole different story when it comes to New Manila. Townhouses and homes sprawl the area for a reason: because good food is always nearby. The town is known for the gastronomic infrastructures laid out within its vicinity; comprising of a plethora of choices for your next food adventure. There is no need for any specific occasion; you can venture there any day and visit any restaurant that you can afford to eat in.

The best gastro hubs and restaurants can be found within New Manila and its neighboring districts, San Juan and Tomas Morato. Cuisines may vary, with multiple restaurants specializing in Filipino, Thai, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Western, and Italian dishes. You can opt for any choice, as the prices can suit every person’s craving and budget.

Among the famous food attractions in New Manila include restaurants such as Gloria Maris, Marios, Guevarra’s by Chef Laudico, Mister Kebab, and Wu Xiang. With this, it can be concluded that the town is a thriving gastronomic district. Who wouldn’t want to rent a townhouse in New Manila?

2. An Abundance of Schools

It’s time to talk about the future. New Manila is indeed a place for many opportunities because it is commercialized enough for business and commerce. But it also a great place for education since it houses some of the most prestigious schools, institutions, and universities in the Philippines.

These include the Xavier School and the Immaculate Conception Academy, both of which are capable of grooming your children into independent, bright, and innovative individuals of the future. There’s also St. Paul University, La Salle Greenhills, Trinity University of Asia, St. Joseph’s College of Quezon City, University of the Philippines Diliman, and Ateneo de Manila nearby for your high school and university-aged students. All of which are commutable for your children.

Though, if your child wishes to attend the University of Santo Tomas, then it’s still commutable via train.

Investing in a townhouse in New Manila will ensure that the best education in the Philippines is super accessible for your children.

3. The Best Place for Worship

New Manila’s rich history also includes its collection of holy places of worship. It’s among the best places to attend masses to maximize your family’s worship routine every Sunday.

Among the most popular churches in New Manila is the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, which has become a well-known local landmark throughout the years. It’s a huge church that it can cover more people than any other church in the Philippines. It does have intricate details that further emphasized its overall Venetian architectural design. Also, it has the longest aisle recorded at the Metro; thereby, making a popular choice for couples who wish to tie the knot. After all, it makes the whole picture much more grand and dreamy.

Also, close to the area are the Mary the Queen Parish and Mt. Carmel Shrine. Both of which are eager to welcome both residents and non-residents of New Manila into the church-going community. So whether you live in a townhouse in New Manila or from away, celebrating Sundays in these churches will definitely give the Lord the veneration he deserves.

4. A String of Coffee Shops

Truth be told, the Filipino community has already adapted the coffee routine in its culture. After all, there’s nothing better to pair your breakfast – or workload – than with a cup(s) of coffee. It’s even great in the afternoon and at night; especially for a simple gathering with good old friends, a meeting with a client, a thesis all-nighter, or even a simple merienda hour spent with your family.

At New Manila, townhouses and homes are just a short distance away from the perfect third wave coffee shop. The town houses only the best in the Metro. But what does ‘third wave of coffee’ mean?

Third wave of coffee is a rather artistic, out-of-the-standard way of serving coffee to people. Imagine this: you’re grabbing a cup of premium coffee at a third wave coffee shop and then surprisingly, the barista engages with you on a coffee-filled conversation. This ranges from the origins of the beans being used in your coffee and technique he/she uses in the brewing process. Definitely, it could count as the best, refreshing way to enjoy your coffee.

If you’re looking for such a coffee shop to spend your afternoon, then please do make your way to Craft Coffee Revolution.

5. A Thriving Nightlife

Indeed, Quezon City is also known for the best place to spend night outs with friends and family. Given that New Manila is in the city.

If you’re wondering if the area ever runs out of pubs and bars, then you must be informed that it does not. One of the places with the most bars in Quezon City is New Manila. It is definitely one of the best places to find a good bar to unwind in Plus, if you’re looking for homegrown singers, then you may have just made the right choice of driving your way there.

6. An Artistic Playground

Going back to the historic origins of New Manila, much can be said about Doña Magdalena’s share in the development of the majestic district. Unbeknownst to many, the Doña’s husband was also a part of the elite society. He, who goes by the name Hashim, was the owner of the Manila Grand Opera House. Together they participated in the development of the now New Manila.

Fast forwarding to several years after, New Manila was coined as the “Hollywood of the Philippines.” It was home to Sampaguita Pictures, one of the first studios to ever produce original Filipino films. The same goes for LVN, Sampaguita’s rival, as it established its studio nearby, in Cubao. Thereby, making New Manila the home of the brightest stars during that time.

With that said, it’s not surprising to find the PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association) theater center in the neighborhood of New Manila. This is the place where local plays and musicals are rehearsed into perfection and shown on stage.

Another go-to if you’re looking for entertainment is the Music Museum. Being one of the most glamorous musical theaters in the Metro, you’ll definitely catch a great performance when you book a ticket to see a show there.

7. Historical Places

As you already know, New Manila is rich in history. Despite the renovations built into it, it still preserves the remnants of its glorious origins from its early beginnings. While you may not learn about all of it over the Web, you can do your research on the site and blog them out. You may just have demystified the great New Manila.

Among the perfect activities you can include in your history-hunting itinerary are:

  • Walk on the famous historical homes and discover the preserved art of the New Manila townhouse
  • Stroll through the huge avenues of Victoria, Broadway, and Gilmore
  • Take some time to interview a few locals who can share a word about the origins of New Manila
  • Discover the premium entertainment hubs of New Manila

With this, you will definitely experience the best weekend ever.

8. Peace and Tranquility

The New Manila townhouse and residential infrastructures have been the go-to area of those who needed an escape from the chaos happening at the Capital during the World War II. Up until now, it still lives up to its name of being the ideal residence for exclusivity and peace.

New Manila townhouses and homes still have the ample amount of space, the scenic tree-lined avenues, and the stately mansions for everyone to enjoy. Most importantly, the pleasure of living in exclusivity and tranquility is one that will allow anyone to live their lives to the fullest.

Key Takeaway

Thus, if you’re looking for a space in this prestigious residential area, look for New Manila San Juan. Not only will you be able to access New Manila’s townhouses and great attractions, but also, a peaceful and exclusive place to spend you and your family’s life in. Moreover, you will definitely enjoy the historic origins and developments of the blooming district and its neighboring areas. Indeed, there’s no other way to enjoy the perks, but to become a part of it.

If you need further details about New Manila San Juan, visit this page. Discover New Manila San Juan, explore New Manila.

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