Events | Tips | May 16,2019
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Purchasing a property is a great investment. You can turn it into a small business or translate it into a place of residence. If you then decide to maximize it as your first ever home, the journey will be exciting but never easy! Here are the fail-proof steps and tips on purchasing your property smoothly:




Steps and Tips on Purchasing Your First Home


  • Check your budget



The biggest consideration in buying your first property is your budget. This dictates the overall price or amount of property to purchase without giving you a hard time financially. You can first check your monthly income to know your capability to pay for monthly amortization, association dues, and other payables.



  • Choose a place with a strategic or central location



Your home should be close to public terminals or transportation, hospitals, markets, banks, and more. You can also consider having a school and playground nearby if you have kids. Ideally, the neighborhood should be safe and secure from flood, fault lines, and natural calamities.



  • Identify the amenities that you need and want for your home



Know what you want and need in your house and clear it out to your broker or developer. These amenities include swimming pools, gym, garden or open spaces, and playgrounds. Although additional amenities entail additional expenses both for association dues and maintenance fees, they’re still worth the price!



  • Of course, consult with a credible broker or developer!



To ensure the quality of your first house, you should consult a credible broker or developer with a good reputation. You can trust him or her with your home visions and helping you out with your purchasing decisions. Your broker and developer can also pitch in multiple home suggestions that would fit in your goals. In fact, finding the right broker or developer will make your journey a lot easier.


Steps and Tips Before Staying in Your First Home



  • Bedroom



As soon as you arrive in your first ever home, unpack your clothes and set them up in your closet. Apart from the basics of having your own bed, side table, lamps, and fan or AC, buying extra hangers and storage boxes to hang and keep your clothes is essential.



  • Bathroom



You will never know when you’ll be needing a plunger. So better buy one and come prepared! You should also have toiletries such as tissue rolls, shampoo and conditioner, soap, body scrub, and more for your daily needs.



  • Kitchen



Stock your kitchen cabinets with enough plates and utensils for the whole family. You should also have dish towels in case you’ll be baking or cooking in a hot pot.



  • Living Room



As soon as you arrive at your first new house, you’ll never contain the excitement of hosting parties for your friends. That said, fill your living room with furniture, a comfortable couch, and a nice coffee table for a complete look!



  • Garage



Although seldom visited, the garage is one of the important parts of your house. It contains the tools needed for minor and major house repairs such as tightening of pipes, changing of light bulbs, and fixing pipe leaks. So make sure to invest in a toolbox with screws, a screwdriver, nails, a hammer, and a measuring tape.


It is, for a fact, hard to begin with your journey of owning a home. But by following these easy fail-proof tips, purchasing your first house will be trouble-free!