Events | Tips | May 30,2019
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Since the launching of Siri in 2011, the use of virtual assistants in the household has exponentially increased. This is also the reason why many other companies created their own version of assistants. It wouldn’t be a surprise if most houses, anywhere in the world, have these new virtual assistants sitting around the room.

If you’re planning to purchase one, the market has overwhelming options to choose from. Narrowing down your choices to the smartest would help! Here are the advancements of  Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa to help you decide:



Alexa can be used effectively with a Fire TV stick and an Echo smart speaker. It can handle basic tasks like setting alarms, reminders, weather forecasts and computing math problems before going to the grocery.

Apart from that, Alexa works great in answering your basic questions accurately. It can provide enough information as well as additional links for your searched keywords. In terms of niche questions and trivia questions, there are cases that Alexa honestly stated that it doesn’t know the answer. In turn, it will just provide you with relevant links that would be useful to your questions on cooking, minor home fixes, or DIY crafts activities.

Another downside of Alexa is that it can’t be integrated with Whatsapp. You can’t receive or send text messages and call via this app, but only with those contacts who are also signed up for Alexa messaging and calling.

Further, Alexa takes pride in having tons of third-party applications compared to Google Assistant and Siri. In fact, Alexa owns 30,000 plus skills just in the early months of 2018. All of which can perform tasks such as booking flights for travels, cabs, and hotels for your personal business, and even electricians that the two assistants can’t do.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant supports both Android and iOS, and plays well with Google Applications, Chromecast, and Google Home. It can perform the basic tasks as Alexa and Siri.

But unlike Alexa, Google Assistant isn’t selective with messaging and calling. You can call or text anyone that is present in your contact list whether they are not assisted with Google Assistant. It can also support Whatsapp on Android phones.

When tested with a battery of questions, no doubt that Google Assistant performed excellently in providing in-depth and accurate information. It also provides correct answers when asked about the niche and trivia questions. Only Google Assistant, among the three, can also give you the perfect suggestions on where to find your favorite pasta, drinks, and pastries near your house.

Although Alexa topped the skills for third-party applications, Google Assistant is also capable of giving accurate directions through Google Maps. It also has a noted 1,800 efficient action skills as of January 2018, which now expands exponentially.

Though Assistant has less flair than the two (e.g. it cannot sing songs like Alexa while you’re cleaning at home), it is still considered as one of the most well-rounded Virtual Assistant.


Siri has been in the market for years, which also proves its performance. It can be used on Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and HomePod smart speaker. Similar to Google Assistant, Siri can also use Whatsapp; can do calls and text to anyone in your contact list.

When handling trivia questions, Siri sometimes just kicked you to Web Search. It also struggles to provide answers to questions that are specific.

Siri can be really handy in the kitchen, both if you plan to have your food cooked or delivered. It provides recipe videos, instructions for cooking, and its ingredients of your favorite dish. You can also have your food delivered by Zomato if you wish to.

Though Siri has improved over the years, it still struggles to answer questions on location-specific, pop culture, and restaurant suggestion. However, it’s generally easy to use with your daily tasks, which is still a great advantage.

Final Verdict

The quality of services that the three virtual assistants offer is indeed superior. It just differs in the ecosystem you use and specific core abilities that you want to see. But it is true that having one with you in your home just makes life easier in the household!