Events | May 10,2019
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Summer season is the best time to bond with your family and friends. You can either go to the beach to beat the heat or watch a movie in the comfort of your home. But you’re probably worried about the heat lingering the room that might cause discomfort to your visitors. Well, you don’t have to! Cool down your house conveniently with our proven failproof steps with or without air conditioner:


1. Be creative by turning your fan into an AC

You can be creative in cooling down your house by turning your fan into an AC! You simply put some ice in a shallow bowl or pan and place it in front of the fan. The air will pick up the coldness which will then give you a cool breeze!


2. Get loose and dehumidify!

Living in a humid area makes you sweat a lot and it never evaporates quickly. In effect, it soaks into your clothes leaving a wet and sticky texture. The best way to ease this discomfort is to get loose and wear breathable clothes. Choose summer clothes that are made of natural fabric such as cotton or bamboo. You can also use a dehumidifier to remove extra moisture from the air leaving the room cooler than usual.


3. Save energy and unplug everything

Incandescent light bulbs produce more heat when turned on. Hence, if the natural light will do, you can just turn off the lights to reduce heat generation. You can also choose light-colored paint so it would reflect natural light and minimize the use of extra lighting


Same goes with your appliances. All of these electronics that are plugged in generate more heat at home, so always unplug electronics when not in use. Remember, turning off is not enough – unplug!


4. Install ceiling fans

A ceiling fan is beneficial in regulating low room temperature. However, installation is never enough as you should still follow the right way of operating it at summertime. The blades of the ceiling fan should be adjusted in a counterclockwise direction. By this means, the air flow is forced down and make the room feel cooler!


5. Barbecue time!

The heat from the stove is the main contributor to high room temperature. How can you cook, then? Well, this can be an excuse for a fun barbecue time! Instead of cooking inside the house, you can grab a grill and set it up outside. You can cook hotdogs, pizzas, fish, meat, vegetables, and have it served to your guests! Apart from making the house cooler, this can be a perfect bonding experience for your family and friends.


6. Keep the blinds and curtains closed

It’s found out that a high percentage of heat can really come outside especially when it’s noontime. By keeping your blinds and curtains closed, the heat that will supposedly enter your house will be reflected back outside. But there’s an exemption for this! It is only applicable for blackout and dark-colored curtains. Yellow, orange, and red-colored curtains can still make the room hot as they reflect light easily.


7. Shower… or swim!

Keeping your house cool this summer is mainly to keep your body temperature cool and regulated. Hence, what can be the best way to do that than to cool yourself off?


You can have a cold shower to rinse off the hotness and stickiness of your skin. That way, you’ll be refreshed and away from the hay feeling. You can also have a swim at your pool or have an inflatable pool in your backyard. Just jump off the pool with your friends and shrug off the summer heat!