Blog | Real Estate News | Tips | June 10,2019
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The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas released its Residential Real Estate Price Index (RREPI) for 2018. The report indicated that there is an increase of 0.5% and 1.6% on the national and NCR level, respectively.


Experts believed that 2019 is expected to be good for the residential real estate market due to competitive prices and projects on the rise. Here are things to consider when choosing which property to invest:



2018 ended with 19.4% increased growth rate year by year on townhouses within the NCR but for a good reason. With the influx of real estate markets focusing on better townhouses, the q4 of 2018 marked the highest growth rate from 2014 to 2018.


Graph 1: Data obtained from


Several factors on the increase can be attributed primarily due to the strong economy and December 2018 being the start of the decline of inflation. More jobs open up on middle to top management attracting breadwinners with their families from provinces to migrate to Manila and choose to reside on townhouses. Townhouses are far common down south of the Metro. There are premiere real estate marketplaces like New Manila San Juan who offers townhouses available in areas like New Manila, San Juan, Mandaluyong, and Scout Area granting access to the NCR’s work and play areas.


The market is already riding the growth and start buying large areas of land for future development. This only shows that more townhouse properties will be made available for consumers.


Duplexes are commonly found in subdivisions or residential areas. It could be a wise investment this 2019 as the properties are right in size and could be a practical alternative to suit your lifestyle.


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Single Detached/Attached House

Single houses had a 4% growth increase by the end of 2018. This growth in single-attached or detached house property is always consistent. This only means that investing in this property is a safe strategy, and acquiring a house would be the safest one.


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In fact, most owners of single houses consider it as their own abode. Owners are more hesitant to sell their own house for various reasons. Single houses are also an uncommon sight within the busy streets of Metro Manila. If you are planning to invest in single house markets, then prepare for prohibitive costs. High net individuals, both local or foreign, will be your target market.


Condominium Unit

Condominium ownership is rising last year. Meaning, more people are owning up units. Most owners of condominium units belong to the middle class with the remaining units belonging to high-end individuals or expatriates. Though vacancy fell, most of the ongoing projects this year are still condominiums.


Graph 4: Data obtained from


Hence, it is still viable to own a condominium unit if it will be as an investment. Rent has not increased for the better half of the year and easier to obtain compared to the other properties.


Where to invest then?

With the strong economy and experts predicting a good 2019 for residential prices, you can never go wrong with any of the four. But if you consider your residential property as a security or other investment, it would be wise to acquire a townhouse or single house.


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