Blog | May 23,2018
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What are some basic tips that are sure to improve your home security?

  1. Upgrading locks
  2. Protecting valuables
  3. Coordinating with neighbors
  4. Security systems
  5. Motion sensors and surveillance


Whether you are already a proud homeowner or currently searching for a San Juan townhouse for sale, it is an unavoidable reality that criminal activity is a ubiquitous and menacing threat to almost all residential areas. But the good news is that besides the many technological advances in home security, there are also many DIY options for even the most remote of condos for rent in the New Manila areas.

It is important to keep in mind and heart the safety of your home, not just in terms of valuables, but more importantly, in matters of life and death; harm and danger.

Below are 5 major tips that can significantly enhance your household’s security measures and impenetrably burglar-proof your home:

Upgrade Your Home Locks


Upgrade Your Home Locks

Every home along with all its doors and entrances comes with a general set of locks. Whether it’s a knob lock, lever-handle, or deadbolt, home invaders are very much well-acquainted experts with the different techniques as to how to penetrate these locks. Making the extra-step means upgrading your lock system. For increased security, you can try using a double-cylinder deadbolt or a mortise lock that is essentially a combination of a sprung latch, deadbolt, and lever handle.

There are also many digital and smart locks that serve as impenetrable and advanced alternatives for homeowners. These digital-age locks are keyless in entry and can be accessed from your own cell phone. Do your own extensive research as to which lock best suits your household’s construction materials.


Securing Your Valuable Belongings

The first and immediate items that burglars go for are jewelry, money, credit cards, and various expensive electronics, as well as items that are easily pawned or sold. When it comes to reducing the risks of your valuables getting stolen, you can invest in a safe that is incredibly heavy in weight and cannot just be easily carried. Another great alternative is to plan out better hiding spots for your valuables, hollowed out books and false containers are optimal spots.


Working with Neighbors

You can coordinate with your close proximity neighbors, and work together when it comes to reporting suspicious activity. There is a saying that: good neighbors look out for each other. Take the extra step and get to know your neighbors; invite them over to your home, communicate and establish strong foundations of a trusting and honest relationship.

You can even form a scheduled neighborhood watch system with weekly meetings and discussions as to the overall safety and improvement of your neighborhood. Become more involved with your community because, at the end of the day, there is no machine that can substitute for the intuitions of your fellow human of whom you trust.

Investing in a Security System


Investing in a Security System

Besides the aforementioned DIY tips for home security, you can also head out and purchase an affordable security system. These are not to be confused with traditional alarm systems that require many hours of installation. With the many options in wireless alarm systems, you yourself can decide which components are most necessary for your home set-up.

If it is the case that you are residing in a relatively smaller-scale townhouse or condominium unit, you will only need a security system with minimal components. Many contemporary home security systems come with a set that includes the console along with the devices that are easily synced and operational together.


Installing Motion Sensors and Surveillance Tools

Most of the available wireless security systems in the market come with options for sensors as well as surveillance. Sensors are in general, less-expensive. Motion sensors are relatively a breeze to install over doors and windows. Sensors blast loud noises when an intruder attempts to open your home’s doors or windows. Upon which, police can immediately be notified. Typically, motion sensor installation is just a matter of drilling holes.

If you are more inclined to tech-savviness, you can also pursue the option of installing security cameras. There are many people that simply choose to put up fake cameras that serve as a decoy in order to scare off possible intruders and burglars. But actual and functioning security cameras give you recorded video that serves as evidence in the case of something stolen or missing in your home.

There are even basic security cameras that are WI-FI enabled devices that you can easily access from your smartphone. If your lifestyle entails that you spend a lot of time away from home, then the internet connected and enabled camera devices are perfect and easily controlled from when you are at the office or just away from your house.


Key Takeaway

Whether it’s a San Juan townhouse for sale or a condo for rent in the New Manila area, criminal activity caused by burglars and home invaders is a harsh truth that you have to always be prepared for. Be a responsible homeowner and take the extra step when it comes to maximizing your home’s security.