Blog | January 24,2018
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How can you save some space in your New Manila townhouse?

  • Attach hangers on your walls to hang some of your stuff up
  • Use your kitchen cabinet as extra storage
  • Use the space under your bed as storage
  • The space under your stairs can also be used to store your stuff
  • Re-purpose an old ladder as a shelf or something to hold your blankets and linen
  • Use towel hooks to store your clothes


One of the main reasons why prospective homeowners gravitate towards a smaller dwelling, such as a townhouse for sale in New Manila, is because its relatively tiny size makes it easy to maintain and to clean.

Unfortunately, this appealing trait can also be its downfall.

When you first move into it, its interiors, of course, are spick and span. Everything is in their respective places; and the space suits you quite well.

Soon enough, however, you’ll notice things slowly falling into disarray. Your stuff might be sprawled all over the floor—stuff that you can’t seem to store away elsewhere. Because of these extra paraphernalia, your home seems infinitely cramped, with very little space for you to move in. Those living in a condo for rent in New Manila also face a similar dilemma.

But it’s not your townhouse’s fault. After all, it was perfectly fine when you started living in there. You had breathing room. You can move around without any trouble. Meaning, something must have gone wrong eventually.

Yes, those things lying around are the culprit. But don’t worry, there’s a solution for this problem. This post will tackle the tips on how to save space in your home.

Use your walls

Use your walls

Storing items doesn’t have to be limited to the floor. Walls also offer plenty of opportunities to hide some items.

Walls are usually bare. You can consider installing hanging bins (container items that you can hook on the walls) on them, where each bin can hold several items, depending on the utility of the room.

Are you placing it on the bathroom? Then use it to keep soaps, shampoos, or spare toothpastes. Make sure, however, that aside from helping you save some space, they should also add a dash of design on your room.

Another alternative to hanging bins are metal storage baskets, which you can also hang on hooks. It can be used for decorative purposes as well, such as to display plants and flowers.

Additionally, there’s a way to store things on your walls even without any container; that is, by simply utilizing hooks. If you place them in the living room, then you can use it to hang hats and handbags, among others.

In the kitchen, you can use it to hang pans and other cooking supplies.


Hide things inside the kitchen cabinets

The kitchen can be crammed with tons of items, ranging from food to utensils, and a way to store them is by utilizing the insides of your cabinet doors.

For one, you can have a magazine rack adhered on the inside, and then use it to store your boxes of aluminum foils or plastic wrapping.

Another smart use of this tiny space is by installing a metal basket on it, which is for hanging your flat cooking tools, such as a chopping board.

You can also drill a hook on the door’s interior. You can use it to hang kitchen utensils that have holes in their handles.

Use that space under your bed

Use that space under your bed

Your bed takes up quite a lot of space. If the townhouse in New Manila has small bedrooms, then you might want to get the best out of it—and that includes using up that massive space under your bed.

Place some of those storage boxes you see in hardware stores under your bed. You can store several things in them, such as clothes, files, towels, and so on. If you don’t like the appearance of these plastic storage boxes, then you can opt for wooden rolling crates instead, which will make it seem like you have built-in drawers under your bed—but without the hassle of having them installed and built.


Don’t underestimate the power of stairs

Stairs are an impressive solution in spacing some space in your home. You can have your stairs fashioned in a way that each step is a pull-out drawer. They’re a great place to stow away your shoes and slippers or pretty much anything. Plus, no one will even know that they are organizers.

Re-purpose that ladder

Source: The Design Tabloid

Re-purpose that ladder

Is there an old ladder that’s gaining dust in a corner of your house or that condo in New Manila you’re renting? Then don’t throw it away just yet. You can use it to hold your blankets or other linen, which is a stylish way of storing these items.

If you want the ladder to blend seamlessly with your décor, then you can opt to paint over it.


Store cloth using towel hooks

If you don’t have a ladder, then there’s still a way for you to display your towels; that is, by placing a series of towel hooks on the wall.


Key Takeaway

The charm of a townhouse for sale in New Manila or a condo for rent in New Manila lies in their small space, which makes them fuss-free to maintain and clean.

Unfortunately, if you don’t know how to maximize the space you have, your home will be littered with various things and knickknacks, which will render your interiors feel much smaller.

This issue, however, can easily be resolved by employing certain tips that can help you salvage more space in your home.