Blog | November 27,2017
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What are the reasons that could convince you to buy a New Manila townhouse?

  • New Manila has a rich history.
  • New Manila is considered to be a hot pot of creativity.
  • New Manila has structures that are elegantly developed.
  • New Manila has various restaurant offerings.
  • New Manila is home to Greenhills Shopping Center.


New Manila was once the epitome of Quezon City’s lavish and elegant lifestyle. But in today’s time, it has adapted a more hip and trendier style without forsaking the original glamor it was known for. But before giving you reasons on why you should buy a New Manila townhouse that’s for sale, here is a simple introduction to New Manila:

The hustle and bustle of the Metro can be difficult to get used to. And what better place can embody the thriving urban environment of the Metro other than Quezon City. However, QC (as Filipinos are used to calling it), holds a gem that is full of elegance, creativity, and style. The colorful history of this Manila real estate wonder goes back to the Second World War, when the purpose of its opening was to give Manila’s elite families a place to call home while being away from the noise and pollution of Manila.


The History

Historically, New Manila was developed for the purpose of having an exclusive residential area that possesses streets that are tree-lined. New Manila was relatively undamaged during World War 2 which allowed it to establish itself as one of the most prominent areas, along with Quezon City, with the latter being prepared to be the Philippines’ succeeding capital after Manila back then.

Today, citizens of New Manila can still see the remnants of its once proud heritage, which is now paired with a modern, but lively twist.

A Hot Pot of Creativity - PETA

Source: PETA

A Hot Pot of Creativity

New Manila was once home to various famous film studios during the golden age of Philippine cinema. Today, New Manila’s scene is littered with art galleries, coffee shops, and musical bars – all of which cater to a person’s artistic and creative lifestyle. It also houses the PETA theatre, where a lot of the Philippines’ premier performances are being held.

You could conclude that New Manila is undoubtedly a breeding place for the arts.


Elegantly Developed

After the war, New Manila underwent massive growth in its community. Elite schools such as Xavier and La Salle Greenhills, Top-notch hospitals such as Cardinal Santos, and big churches such as Mt. Carmel Shrine began appearing in New Manila’s vicinity, which further attracted people.

Capitalism was adamant in New Manila. Thus, steel plants and a well-beloved ice cream factory were built. As of today, New Manila pursues progress while still focusing on their community. It is undeniable that no matter how much the city changes, New Manila still retains the culture it established during its founding. This culture has been recorded in the history books and has left its mark on the history as one of the Philippines’ most famous cities, Quezon City.



New Manila houses a variety of restaurants that is sure to cater to each and everyone’s palates. Each person will surely be able to dine in restaurants that serve delicious and delectable cuisines that will leave them happy and satisfied. One of the reasons why New Manila is a hub for culinary shops is that its location is situated near urban areas, such as San Juan, Tomas Morato, and other places that are located in Quezon City, making it a thriving place for foodies and ordinary people alike.

In New Manila, you can find premiere restaurants, such as Marios, Gloria Maris, Limbaga 77, and even hard to find restaurants such as Wu Xiang; such options will surely satisfy your cravings!

Greenhills Shopping Center

Source: YouTube

Shopping Center

New Manila has long been a destination for bargain-hunters, consumers, and shopaholics. Residents in the area frequent Greenhills Shopping Center as it remains as the go-to place for affordable yet quality products.

The looks of New Manila’s shopping center may have changed ever since the 1970’s and 1980’s, but the shopping center is still able to give you the best possible value for your hard earned money. Since it is easily accessible through different modes of transportation such as the MRT line or jeepneys, people from all over the Metro still give their time, energy, and money just to visit New Manila’s premier shopping center.

Additionally, a little further up north, people can also enjoy Cubao’s take on shopping centers, offering a unique shopping experience to people of any age, race, and social standing to enjoy.


Key Takeaway

New Manila is definitely one of the most developed cities of the Philippines. It is among the few that has retained the lavish and elegant culture that it had when it was founded. It is an undeniable fact that New Manila is still able to cater to every person from all walks of life, letting you know that it is still the best possible place to cater to all of your needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy a New Manila townhouse for sale now, and experience the grandeur of this city!