Blog | December 19,2017
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What real estate nightmares you wouldn’t experience in New Manila?

  • Noise Pollution
  • Bad Neighbors
  • Poor History


More often than not, a person that rents or buys a real estate property experiences the unit or property that they started renting had nightmarish problems that would cause a massive headache. Fortunately, here in the Philippines, there are still places that assure you of the quality of the homes found within them, one of them would be New Manila. Townhouses in this part of the Metro are all the rage due to the sheer quality that they present, and the ambience and luxury they provide is hard to come by nowadays.

To give you a broader understanding, here are a number of real estate nightmares that you wouldn’t find in a New Manila townhouse:

Noise Pollution

Source: Daily Post

Noise Pollution

This wouldn’t be the first thing in any buyer’s mind whenever they are looking for the property that is just right for them, right? But, researchers have proven that noise pollution has a significant effect on a person’s physical health, psychological well-being, and mental health. However, would “noise pollution” be a factor for a buyer of a real estate property? No, it wouldn’t. This is because noise pollution is a seldom factor for people due to the fact that not many people know what noise pollution really is.

Noise pollution is a type of pollution that is often overlooked by most people. It is the most common source of environmental stress and it can further worsen any existing health conditions people have, especially heart conditions. In the United States alone, it is estimated that almost 100 million people are affected by noise pollution in their areas while unbeknownst to them. The most common sources of noise pollution would be from automobiles or aircrafts, but miniscule sources of noise such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers, or even loud music can be a potential source of noise pollution.

As mentioned above, noise pollution could contribute to the forming of heart diseases. This is primarily due to the elevation of stress hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol. The elevated levels of these stress hormones, if not properly taken care of, can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, and heart failure. Further research also concluded that even when people are asleep, if noise exists around them, it could still have an effect on their health.

So, if you are wondering whether your New Manila townhouse is a place where noise pollution is adamant, then worry no more! Even though the location is known for having shopping centers, schools, and other varying structures that offer different products and services to people, its residential area is still as peaceful as it can be.


The Neighborhood

The most common horror story for people that just bought a home in whatever residential area is that their neighbors are a nightmare to deal with. Of course, when you, as a person capable of buying your own property already, settle in a new residential area, you would want to get along with your neighbors because you want to be friends with the people that will be close to you up until you leave your property. However, not everyone experiences a stroke of good luck. There will always be a time when people, who just bought their property, will realize that their neighbors are a nightmare to deal with.

Some examples of nightmarish neighbors would be people, who have no regard for the people around them. Constantly playing loud music, having distracting parties in the middle of the night, or just causing a ruckus that disturbs people are only some examples of actions that they might do to disturb the peace in your neighborhood.

Fortunately, you can be assured that when you buy a townhouse or rent a condo in New Manila, the neighbors will be civilized and respectful people. Why? Because more often than not, the people that choose to live here have a sense of decorum that enables them to act with a sense of propriety.



Another common real estate nightmare that a number of people have experienced before is the unknown history of the property that they bought. Some examples would be, after buying the property, the new owners would eventually find out that somebody actually died in the house, or that the house was the place where something horrendous happened. All of these could potentially be reasons for the owners to eventually leave the property.

However, in New Manila, even with its rich history, the townhouses for sale in it are all assured to be 100% clean of any bad history that people might think of.


Key Takeaway

New Manila is the premier area to live in. All the amenities needed by people can be found just a few kilometers away from the residential areas, and these amenities caters to different people from all walks of life. So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy your New Manila townhouse now!