Blog | February 26,2018
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How do you know if you should get a townhouse for Sale in New Manila or Rent a Condo?

  • First, consider the location.
  • List down the pros of a townhouse.
  • Note the benefits of renting a condo.
  • Weigh in your options, and opt for the one that best suits your needs and preference.


Times have changed. Today, prospective homeowners are not just bent on getting their hands on a traditional home—that is, they’ve started looking into other options as well, such as a townhouse for sale in New Manila, or perhaps a condo for rent.

While there’s a steady increase of condo units for sale all over the metro, some of them are still rather expensive, their prices veering close to that of a typical house. Because of this, people are seeking a cheaper alternative, such as a condo for rent in New Manila.

Some, however, still desire to have a dwelling that they can proudly claim as their own, and one of the most affordable and most practical choices for new homeowners is to opt for a townhouse.

Are you confused about which of these you should go for?

If so, then you’ve come at the right place. This post will help you decide if you should get a townhouse for sale in New Manila or rent a condo instead.

Why New Manila?


Why New Manila?

Before anything else—before you dive into the particulars of hunting out for a home—you will first be deciding on where your settlement should be.

There are tons of factors that come into play when you’re choosing for a location, such as accessibility and safety, among others. Furthermore, a lot of future homeowners gravitate towards the National Capital Region, especially in terms of convenience.

Are you interested too? Then, New Manila might be your best bet. For one, it’s nestled in a strategic location—that is, it’s in close proximity with educational institutions, business districts, commercial establishments, and so on.

If you want to know in greater detail the advantages of living in New Manila, then check out this post.

Pros of a Townhouse for Sale in New Manila

Pros of a Townhouse for Sale in New Manila

Here are some of the advantages of owning a townhouse.

  • Ownership. Townhouse owners literally own the patch of land where their home is situated on.
  • Cheaper, but with the features of your typical home. The best thing about a townhouse is that it is immensely more affordable than the usual single-family home. You can think of a townhouse as a smaller version of the typical home. That is, it has multiple storeys, with several bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Community. If you invest in a townhouse, then you’ll automatically be a part of a community. Since you also live in close proximity with your neighbors, this instantly fosters a connection and a sense of camaraderie between each other.
  • Maintenance. In a townhouse community, there’s also the homeowner’s association. They’re often the ones who deal with the maintenance of the houses and some basic repairs. As for the interior, of course, you’re the one who’ll be taking care of it.

 Pros of a Condo for Rent in New Manila

Pros of a Condo for Rent in New Manila

Here are some of the advantages of renting a condo.

  • Practical and More Affordable. Renting a condo is perfect for those who don’t have a huge amount of money available for shelling out, but have a consistent source of income that’s enough to cover the monthly rent.
  • Secure. Most condos feature exceptional security measures, such as guards stationed at the entrance, video surveillance, and advanced lock systems.
  • Maintenance. Condominiums are owned privately. And this means that the higher-ups invest a lot of finances and effort in taking care of the building, such as electrical maintenance, garbage disposal, and fixing broken equipment. With such services within easy access, it’s guaranteed that your unit is always spick and span.
  • Furnished. Most of the units being rented out are already fully-furnished, which means that you don’t have to worry about carying in hefty furniture and appliances to your space. The barest essentials, after all, are already there for you to use.
  • Access to Amenities. Condos are famous for the stellar services that they offer. Even if you’re just renting a unit, you’ll also have access to amenities, such as swimming pools, gardens, and gyms.
  • More Room for Negotiation. When renting a condo, you’ll most likely be dealing with fellow homeowners who lived in the space before. This gives you a better chance of negotiating than, say, buying a condo unit.

Of course, the final decision falls to you. It’s completely up to you whether you want to buy a townhouse or rent a condo instead. However, it’s important to note that townhouses are essentially considered more practical not only because they offer you ownership, but also because it provides you the space you need to have your own family.


Key Takeaway

Today, there are myriads of choices available for prospective homeowners. Gone are the days when they can only opt for a traditional home (and deal with the long and complicated procedures to accomplish it). Now, there are more affordable options, such as renting a condo or purchasing a townhouse for sale in New Manila. This is especially apt for first-time home buyers. These two, however, have their own respective advantages, and it’s best that you familiarize yourself with them before you make a decision.