Architecture & Design | Blog | July 26,2018
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How can you outfit your San Juan townhouse for modern living?

  1. Keep surfaces uncluttered
  2. Opt for furniture with elegant, clean lines
  3. Use unobtrusive curtains
  4. Hide or get rid of electrical cords
  5. Hang abstract modern art


If there was one word that could succinctly describe what modern living is all about, it would be simplicity. Modern living, of course, does not necessarily mean that it has to be boring just because it uses a neutral color palette, geometric shapes, and clean lines. Surprisingly, your San Juan townhouse can still be inviting, completely stylish, and warm while also being modern.

So, how can you make your home suited to modern living? Obviously, this will not be as simple as walking into your local home supply store and choosing items with clean lines. A beautiful modern home considers each element carefully and presents accents and furniture in an elegant yet understated way. While the key elements of any modern home might seem straightforward, they are not that easy to pull off. There are several basic ideas that need to be incorporated in a home for modern living; here’s just a few of  them:

Keep Surfaces Uncluttered

Keep Surfaces Uncluttered

One of the distinguishing traits of a home equipped for modern living is the complete lack of clutter and unnecessary items. The surfaces of your home should be left mostly bare, from the tops of bookshelves to the dining table and the kitchen island.

A few items that would actually look good in a modern home include some colorful glasswork, simple sculptures, and beautiful vases. Kitchen tools should also be stored out of sight where they can present no distraction.

A home with too many objects can easily become visually overwhelming, so be careful in selecting what you wish to display on the surfaces of your home.


Opt for Furniture with Elegant, Clean Lines

The furniture in a modern home should not distract the viewers as much as possible. This can be hard if a particular piece appears bulky and stuffed or uses loud colors and patterns. In modern living, the furniture should inspire a sense of comfort and relief, not crowdedness and weight.

When designing your townhouse, you should avoid using furniture with prominent and bulky cushions or armrests that are overly-rounded. Instead, use more pieces with clean, simple lines. Furniture like tables, couches, and chairs with an elegant, slender design can help increase the feeling of cleanliness and comfort in a modern home.

Think utilitarian. When looking for furniture for your modern home like a couch, always remember that its purpose is for sitting, not decoration. Choose tables for their usefulness and simplicity, not for their ornamentation or material. In addition, because there is no need for expensive and ornate furnishings, you can accomplish a modern design while staying within your budget.

 Use Unobtrusive Curtains

Use Unobtrusive Curtains

Homes that are outfitted for modern living welcome natural light by making use of elegant, open spaces, and large, prominent windows. Avoid design elements that obscure lights like heavy curtains because it can disrupt the spacing and natural lines of the windows. In addition, if the fabric is of an especially dark color or is too heavy, it can change the balance of the lights in your home.

Moving away from the dark and cavernous style of the Victorian era that was favored by architects from the last century can elicit a clean, contemporary aesthetic and improve the overall feeling of the room. Use semi-transparent blinds or light-colored curtains to block the view from outside while still allowing ambient light. This way, you still have the option of privacy for your home.


Hide or Get Rid of Electrical Cords

This might seem obvious, but when setting up a townhouse for modern living, you should keep power cords and other similar items out of sight. Since your goal is to make your home appear seamless, you should avoid any visible electrical cords because it can disrupt the overall look of a room and distract the viewer from the purposeful lines that you have created.

If you have any devices that have electrical cords, position them so that the cords are never visible. Try and do this even if it requires you to install the wiring in a hidden space or a separate cabin.

 Hang Abstract Modern Art

Hang Abstract Modern Art

Having abstract modern art in your home is an underrated part of achieving the perfect balance between color and the absence thereof. Steer away from concrete forms and display abstract modern art on the walls of your townhouse. This allows the viewer to interpret the art piece as they please.

Many galleries and art dealers will usually have abstract art posters for sale from different artists, providing you with a great selection to suit any modern design scheme.


Key Takeaway

Remember, simplicity is what best describes modern living, so make sure to incorporate it into your San Juan townhouse. There is no correct way to make your home more suited for modern living, so experiment and play around with your living space.

A modern home can essentially remain stylish for quite a long time; all you need to do afterward is to relax and enjoy your simple, yet rewarding surroundings.