Blog | Tips | June 28,2018
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What are some great tips for designing a minimalist living space?

  1. Prioritize necessities
  2. Simple and light color palettes
  3. Versatile furniture
  4. Understand the minimalism process
  5. Stick with high-quality materials


When it comes to living in a San Juan townhouse, for the most part, your home space can make all the difference with your overall quality of life. So, it goes without saying that designing your household living is something that calls for utmost thought and consideration. Whether you feel more inclined to a packed and complex layout or a simple and minimal one, the most important factor should always be your general lifestyle.

A minimalist home setup is becoming a more and more sought-after design style due to the fact that more people are starting to feel more inclined towards decluttered and the stylishness of simple arrangements.

Although this can indeed be very daunting, with a few tips and tricks, you’ll find that planning and executing your own personalized variation of a minimalist home can be quite the fun, rewarding, and ultimately enriching process.

Below are the most essential guiding points to keep in mind when designing a minimalist townhouse:

Identifying Your Necessities

Identifying Your Necessities

This first point does not refer to shopping; it more pertains to having a clear picture of how exactly you want your home setup to look. Ideally, you should be spending significant amounts of time contemplating and really thinking about the things that you actually need at home. It also goes without saying that this is the period or initial wherein you should be in the act of letting certain possessions go.

The first step towards living a minimalist lifestyle is to step back, observe, and evaluate. You need to initially examine your home and belongings in relation to your general attitude and lifestyle –this needs to be done in an objective manner.

If you have multiple variations of the same items or simply feel stressed whenever you have to look for something through a barrage of other items, it is definitely a clear sign that you need to be letting go of a few things. The best start is always to fully declutter your home.


Modifying Your Color Schemes

One trick to truly capture a functional yet minimalist space is to choose furniture pieces that are of the same shades in color. Whether your colorway is in grey, beige, blue, khaki, etc. monochrome decoration exudes a seamless façade.

In order to exuberate a seamless minimalism with your interior design, your approach to your overall color palette should be kept very tight. In other words, keeping things tonal or within a range of colors in the same family while blending with neutrals is the easiest way to achieve a sophisticated and modern minimal home space.


A Diverse Set of Furniture Pieces

In this case, diversity simply refers to flexibility. One of the most crucial aspects of contemporary minimalist home designs is the choice of quality furniture –quality over quantity is the golden rule. Your sole piece could be a spacious and strong sofa along with a simple coffee table. It is important to take note that the furniture pieces that you have in mind should be able to flawlessly fit any design platform.


The Minimalism Process

One of the most fruitful perspectives that you need to have a good understanding of even in your beginning planning stages is that attaining a minimalist home is something that does not happen overnight; it is not something that you are automatically going to pull-off and it is not something that will necessarily stay like that forever.

Be observant about the clutter that surrounds your living space and always know that personal style or flavor is definitely a skill that is constantly practiced and honed. One incredibly useful tip is to set a fixed schedule for decluttering sessions. And with time, you’ll find re-creating your home space to fit your purest of needs will come easier and simpler.

 The Importance of High Quality

The Importance of High Quality

Whenever you feel the need that you absolutely have to go out and go shopping for new furniture, appliances, décor, etc., one of the key principles in planning a minimalist space is to make sure that you are acquiring an item that is of the highest quality within your means. Investing both your time and money is something that should pragmatically be directed towards replacing worn out items and belongings with items that are built to last.

This principle of minimalism goes the same for matters that have to do with style. When you are shopping for new furniture, linen, bedding, etc. you have to primarily invest in classic pieces that are truly timeless.


Key Takeaway

Living in your very own San Juan townhouse means that you are free to exercise your creative integrity with how you go about your interior design. By following the points elaborated on above and keeping in mind that arrangement plays a key role, you’ll fall head over heels for the minimalist space that is specifically tailored for your lifestyle.