Blog | January 9,2018

Why should you invest your money in the townhouse for sale in New Manila?

● It offers you a sense of luxury
● It boasts enough space for everyone
● It’s a cradle of art, history, and culture
● School and business districts are nearby
● It’s close to commercial establishments


The National Capital Region is a common location that people have in mind when looking for their dwelling. After all, it offers everything they’ll need for their day-to-day living. And while the usual choice would be cities in the southern part, there’s also another area you need to consider: that is, New Manila, where lots of townhouses are for sale.

New Manila can be found in the West central part of Quezon City, which is the largest city in the National Capital Region, especially when it comes to population and total land area.

Quezon City is a bastion of diverse culture and lifestyle. It also offers its inhabitants a glimpse of its lush history. And then, there’s the usual perks that come with living in an urban community—like being in close proximity to various establishments and commercial spaces.

And New Manila, situated at the heart of this flourishing metropolis, grants you all these.

Here are some reasons on why you should consider living here, and why you should invest your money in the townhouse for sale in New Manila:


It offers you a sense of luxury

New Manila is brimming with quaint, elegant mansions. It will give you a glimpse of an earlier era, when wealthy families could afford these luxurious abodes.

You’ll be free to behold its former glory—a glory that never truly left. It’s definitely refreshing to stand amidst a city where lavish mansions are nestled within a thriving metro.

Decades later, however, it graces us with a different sort of luxury.

Right now, there are various homes being presented to prospective homeowners, such as soaring condominium towers situated in posh communities, and the myriads of townhouse for sale in New Manila.

It boasts enough space for everyone

It boasts enough space for everyone

Quezon City enjoys a whopping 160 kilometers of space. You don’t have to worry about it being too cramped or not having sufficient room for everyone.

New Manila cultivates a welcoming environment for people who intend to establish their homes here. You’ll definitely find your place in this warm, laid-back district. An easy way to get you started is by investing on a townhouse for sale in New Manila.


It’s a cradle of art, history, and culture

As mentioned earlier, it is replete with old, opulent residences. Perhaps you’re wondering, but why are there mansions here?

During the World War II, in a frantic attempt to flee from the turmoil of the war, affluent families decided to relocate to New Manila, where they are presented an opportunity to rebuild their homes.

This sanctuary rose in popularity after the war. All of a sudden, there was another residential district that lets Filipinos start anew and try to forget that grisly chapter in history.

PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association) is also located here in New Manila. This enterprise features artists, who stage plays that promote a consciousness of social issues.

There’s also Club Filipino, an exclusive social club that plays an immense role in the country’s history, especially in terms of political events. It is the first and the oldest club of this nature.

Schools and business districts are nearby

Schools and business districts are nearby

Do you have children you need to send to school, or perhaps you’re considering seeking a job within the vicinity of your dwelling? Then, New Manila is a stunning choice.

For one, it’s only a few minutes away from Ortigas Center, Makati, and Bonifacio Global City.

Aside from being accessible to business districts, it’s also within a very convenient distance to a number of reputable schools, such as:

  • Immaculate Concepcion Academy
  • Joseph’s College of Quezon City
  • Trinity University of Asia
  • La Salle Greenhills

Furthermore, the country’s leading universities are merely a few rides away, such as:

  • University of the Philippines Diliman
  • Ateneo de Manila
  • University of Santo Tomas


It’s close to commercial establishments

Like all the other parts of the capital, New Manila has also witnessed a boom in commercial establishments, feeding our innate magnetism to these places. If you want to be close to places where you can hang out or indulge your cravings, then New Manila has you covered.

Here are a couple of options:

  • Robinsons Magnolia
  • Greenhills in San Juan

And if you want to embark on an adventure to explore various restaurants and coffee shops, then you’re in luck. New Manila, after all, is in close proximity of Tomas Morato.


Key Takeaway

Decades ago, New Manila was a tranquil, sprawling area that featured stately mansions. After the Second World War, this place rose to prominence as a residential district that offers a vibrant opportunity for Filipinos to build a new life.

Now, in 2018, its former glory has never abated. Aside from being home to luxurious abodes, New Manila lures in homeowners with its infinite promises, such as a chance to be a part of a thriving and welcoming community. One way of joining this tantalizing picture is by opting for one of the townhouse for sale in New Manila.