Blog | November 16,2017
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What color and design trends could you use for your new house?

  • High Contrast Colors
  • Gold Highlights and Geometric Shapes
  • Natural Shapes and Colors
  • Mirror Coffee Tables
  • Iridescent Glass
  • Interrupted Floor
  • Penny Round Tiles
  • French Blue
  • High Back Slipper Chair
  • Moody Murals


When you finally get your beautiful San Juan townhouse, the next thing you should do is design your home! But where do you exactly start? Well, you can take a look at these color and design trends that have been taking over 2017 so far. You can take these as inspiration when designing your home. 

High Contrast Colors

Lately, more and more people love to stay at home on weekends and have dinner with family and friends. So to spice up the calm event, they like to decorate their dining rooms and homes with high contrast colors. This puts everyone in a fun mood.

Examples of these are mint green + hot pink, aquamarine + electric blue, copper + teal, and turquoise + ruby red. The main point of these pairings is to add a dark color to a room to give it depth and balance.

Gold Highlights and Geometric Shapes

The use of the two-tone – sometimes, even three-tone – colored wall is back with a golden twist. Placing gold, coral, or sapphire shapes to the more neutral toned walls will give them a classy life that will speak plenty of you and your standards.

Natural Shapes and Colors

Natural Shapes and Colors

Nowadays, more natural colors and shapes are also being used heavily. Natural green and blue colors give a relaxing vibe to a room, which is just what you may need to rest after a long day.

As for furniture, designs are getting rounder and their colors are more natural. This gives a very organic feeling – sort of like you’re outdoors, but within the comfort of a cozy home.

Mirror Coffee Tables

You may think that this is a little too loud for you. However, you’ll be surprised at how subtle this can blend into a room. It kind of disappears into the background because it will literally mirror the surrounding colors. Hence, it can go really well with either a traditional or a modern home.

Iridescent Glass

Source: Pinterest

Iridescent Glass

Have you ever seen rainbow colors on an oil puddle? Think of iridescent glass as exactly like that, but less gloomy. Getting this feature will give all your glass walls and furniture a great transparent gradient effect that is really popular nowadays; you could think of it more as a natural Instagram filter.

Interrupted Floor

Basically, this is using two kinds of tiles for a room, but in a more creative and fitting way than usual. Aside from just cutting squares on the floor and putting the two types of tiles together, the outlines of the two will be custom-made to look like they are meant to go with each other. This is a great way to differentiate your kitchen area from the rest of the room.

Penny Round Tiles

Instead of the usual square tiles everyone is used to for their bathrooms, penny round tiles are being used more often nowadays. It’s a new and fresh sight to see in a bathroom. Not only are they used for the floors, but also on the walls and the ceilings. This feature can very much put character in your bathroom.

French Blue

French Blue

This trendy color is usually seen in romantic cities like Paris. Bringing this color to your home could set a romantic mood that you might want for your townhouse, especially when its architecture and millwork is very modern – you can definitely use this color perfectly. Just imagine the sense of safety and intimacy you can feel in your home with this color.

The High Back Slipper Chair

While the slipper chair has been around for a while, nowadays it comes in new proportions. It now has a taller back rest and stubbier legs. It may not be too good for the normal dining table, but it’s a great new look that could go well with your overall home design.

Moody Murals

Murals may have been used to accent the walls before, but the trend went from being bright and nature-like to a moodier tone. While many may think this makes the room sadder or gloomier, it’s actually a welcome addition because of how subtle it is. It’s like having a classical painting as a mural in a room. It won’t demand for much attention and you can still decorate the room to your heart’s content.

The artistic flavor of this trend makes it a perfect addition if you plan to have a library or den in your San Juan townhouse.


Key Takeaway

As you just read, 2017 is a year with multiple color and design trends. These don’t necessarily all have to go together when you’re creating the look or the design of your townhouse. In fact, it may not be so aesthetically pleasing if you do that. Instead, take the things you love on this list and apply them to your home. You will be pleased to find that you will be smiling more every day when you have these fresh looks in your very own abode!