Blog | March 28,2018
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How can you become a good neighbor?

  1. Warmly welcome them
  2. Do not be indifferent
  3. Be conscious if you are sharing a wall
  4. Train and manage your pet
  5. Always exhibit parking etiquette
  6. Be wary of your surroundings
  7. Inform them of the local news


There is this famous phrase that states that “No man is an island,” which means that humans will eventually need the help of each other at some point in time. But, what if you live in a different region and away from your relatives, who can you rely on for help?

The people who are going to aid you during times of needs are your neighbors.

At the same time, you should also be able to show genuine concern towards them, especially to one who just moved into their very own San Juan townhouse for sale.

Building and maintaining a harmonious relationship with your neighbors is one key to a peaceful home life, particularly since you will be living with them in close proximity.

Admittedly, your bond with them could easily change if you’re not careful with your actions (and vice versa). This is the reason why you must always treat them correctly for your relationship to be smooth sailing.

To help you out with your socializing, here are some tips on how to be a good neighbor:

Warmly Welcome Them

Warmly Welcome Them

You don’t have to throw them a marching band on the day they move in, but at least acknowledge them as your new neighbor.

Pass by their house and nicely introduce yourselves. If you could, give them some tokens like freshly made home-baked cookies. If you have some time to spare, offer to show them around your neighborhood or even introduce them to your other neighbors.

For those who are feeling shy, just remember that it will be even more awkward to approach them months after they move in—better to get it over from the start.


Do Not Be Indifferent

When you pass by them on your way out, don’t just ignore them. At least, acknowledge them by simply waving at them. If you could, stop by a little and ask them about how their day is going so far; before you go, wish them to have a good day ahead of them.

In case your neighbor invites you and your family for lunch or for an afternoon snack, don’t disregard their invitation. Go ahead and spend some time with them—this will reinforce the foundation of your relationship. Also, you’ll get the opportunity to get to know their characters better; although, you might not want to pry too much because you could come off as nosy. If you cannot go because of prior engagements, do let them know politely.

Be Conscious of Shared Wall

Be Conscious of Shared Wall

This is applicable to duplex houses or to those renting a condo in New Manila.

Sounds, especially loud ones, can pass through a shared wall between two units. This is why you need to make sure that you position your loud appliances, like TV, stereos, speakers, and the dryer, at the opposite area to prevent them from causing disturbance to your neighbors.

If you are planning to do some DIY projects, be considerate and do it during reasonable hours. It won’t hurt to also let your neighbors know ahead of time.


Train and Manage Your Pet

Always remember that if your pets are giving you sleepless nights, the same goes for your neighbors.

If your dog is howling at the moon during midnight, as your companion pet, it is your responsibility to check up on him/her and ensure that the noises stop.

Also, train your dog to only do their “business” in the areas of your property and nowhere near your neighbor’s space.

Always Exhibit Parking Etiquette

Always Exhibit Parking Etiquette

One of the basic parking etiquettes in a residential area is to avoid parking in front of your neighbor’s driveway.

In case you have guests coming over and need the extra roadside parking space, first ask your neighbors for their permission.

If they are generous enough to agree, instruct your guest to avoid parking right in front of the gates’ main opening.


Be Wary of Your Surroundings

It is normal to be alert when there are suspicious figures at the front of your home, but don’t forget to check up on your neighbor’s also.

So, if you see any suspicious people hanging about the property of your unsuspecting neighbor, alert them immediately and standby in case the police need to be alarmed as well.

Inform Your Neighbors of the Local News

Inform Your Neighbors of the Local News

Since they are new to the community, make them feel accepted by updating them on the ins and outs of the community.

An upcoming street party, a community program, or even the latest burglary incident are examples of important local updates that your neighbor will surely appreciate knowing.


Key Takeaway

And there you have it!

Whether you own a San Juan townhouse or a condo for rent in New Manila, these guidelines are sure to aid you and your new neighbors to become more than new acquaintances.