Blog | April 3,2018
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What are the 7 ways to fire-proof a home?

  1. Install Smoke Alarms
  2. Have Fire Extinguishers Nearby
  3. Don’t Overload the Wirings
  4. Avoid Candles
  5. Fireproof the Furniture
  6. De-clutter
  7. Separate curtains and lighting fixtures


House fires are quite frequent during the summer months here in the Philippines, which is why most schools and organizations hold fire drills so that the people will know the appropriate actions to do in case a real fire takes place.

The awareness and practice of fire safety must not end with external organizations like schools and offices. They should also be applied at home. After all, your Scout Area townhouse for sale should be your safe sanctuary.

No matter where you live—even if it is in a New Manila condo for rent—you must do what you can to make it as fireproof as possible.

In order to spread awareness regarding fire prevention and fire safety, this article will discuss the various ways to fireproof a home.

 Install Smoke Alarms

Install Smoke Alarms

This tip is very important since it signals the residents that there is a fire at the first sign. This means that there is a high possibility that the fire is still small and manageable—allowing you to put it out, leave the premises, and call the right authorities.

Although, keep in mind that smoke alarms or detectors are just like any electric tool that needs to be maintained and regularly checked up on. As much as possible, check on your smoke detection system at least once every 4 months. In addition, see if the battery levels are still significantly high so that the batteries can be replaced if needed.


Keep Fire Extinguishers at Arm’s Reach

In case a fire does occur, fire extinguishers are the most effective means for you to put it out.

Fire extinguishers that are medium in size, or even bigger, should be kept in a room that regularly has a fire burning. For instance, the kitchen requires a significantly big fire extinguisher because it is a room that is highly susceptible to catching fire.

However, since a fire is not limited to the kitchen and may arise from other rooms of your Scout Area townhouse, small and compact fire extinguishers must be installed all over the premises.

Be sure to also check them every now and then so you could check their expiry date or whether they need to be refilled.

Avoid Overloading Your Wirings

Avoid Overloading Your Wirings

Another common cause of house fires is electrical short circuits.

In order to avoid such situations, have the electrical wirings of your home assessed by a professional electrician.

Some plugs may not properly fit in the outlets, which could cause sparks and build up of heat.


Be Careful of Candles

Candles are nice and romantic, but, they are highly susceptible to being left unattended and eventually causing a fire.

If all you’re after is the ambiance they provide, then you could opt for electric candles instead. They are battery operated and appear like a real candle, particularly since they imitate the random dancing of a real candle’s flame.

For individuals who like the scent real candles give off, you could always find alternatives like air fresheners or reed diffusers.

Fireproof Your Furniture

Fireproof Your Furniture

Nowadays, fireproof sprays can be found in shops and retail stores. This chemical will coat the furniture and prevents it from catching fire.

This product is killing two birds with one stone; it primarily protects the furniture from damage as well as prevents the spread of fire. In addition, these sprays could even safeguard your beloved furniture from unwanted spills and stains.


Dispose of All Clutter

De-cluttering useless and irrelevant household items will not only bring a fresher look to the home but also prevent the fire from spreading.

If a room that is extremely cluttered catches fire, the flame will effortlessly spread because the items are in close proximity to each other. Unlike a home that has no clutter, the items are of moderate quantity thus, significantly far apart. Such set up will not easily enable fire from spreading since the objects in question are far apart.

Separate the Light Bulbs from the Curtains and Other Lighting Fixtures

Separate the Light Bulbs from the Curtains and Other Lighting Fixtures

Since light bulbs tend to heat up after numerous hours of usage, long duration of contact with a flammable material like window curtains could start a fire. The same goes for standing lamps; most people often put them near their curtains, but these must be avoided at all costs, even if your lamp has a protective casing separating the bulb from the flammable fabric. You’ll want to be safe than sorry, after all.

Such is the reason why these two household items must not be positioned close to one another.


Key Takeaway

Those are the easy ways of fireproofing your home.

Just by executing these tips, your Scout Area townhouse for sale will have a lesser chance of catching fire.

This summer, homeowners must be vigilant against the threat of a possible fire incident.