Blog | Family | June 14,2018
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What are some great ideas for a fun Father’s Day at home?

  1. Decorate together.
  2. Cook together.
  3. Reminisce with old photos and videos
  4. Prepare a Father’s Day program
  5. Enjoy the outdoors


Father’s Day is one of the most important events of the year where we take time to celebrate everything that our dads have done for us. Despite what many people think, you don’t need to spend superfluous amounts of money by heading out, you can have a simple yet memorable Father’s Day with the entire family just at home in your San Juan townhouse.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to take a step back and gather the family together to embrace the meaning of fatherhood –leading through togetherness. Sometimes it really is nice to just spend time in the comforts of your own home with the people you care about the most.

Below are a few simple yet fantastic ideas that you can try at home this Father’s Day:

Decorate Together

Take in some Bonding Time by Decorating Together

If you have younger siblings, you can have a jolly good time by visiting the nearest book or office supply store for simple materials that you all can use to decorate the house with. You can even come up with a certain theme that your dad would really dig –maybe something related to his favorite sports team or something related to one of his most cherished hobbies.

Prepare a Special Father’s Day Banquet with Your Dad

Whatever the occasion may be, every family get together is incomplete without sharing a great meal in each other’s company. You can make this Father’s Day an extra memorable one by getting your dad involved in cooking the food to be served.

You can also ask for his input on what exact food he would like to eat. It is during these precious moments of family teamwork and camaraderie that fills any dad’s heart with utmost joy and happiness. No matter how things turn out in the kitchen, as long as you had a good time with your dad in cooking and preparing, the output is definitely going to be the most delicious Father’s Day feast that your taste buds will forever remember.

Look at Photo Albums

Look Through Old Photos and Videos

One of the best things about staying at home is that you can flip through many old photo albums or dig through computer files, CDs, and maybe even VHS cassette tapes for video footage of some of your family’s most beloved moments.

To put an extra special touch for Father’s Day, you can even try and unearth some of our dad’s old photos and videos from his younger years and get him to share all the wonderful stories from those periods in his life; ask him to share everything that he was feeling and thinking during those times –let your father know that he has come a long way and that everything he has done is greatly appreciated by you and the entire family.

Set Up a Special and Surprise Father’s Day Program

Stemming from the last point, you and some of your other family members can plan a secret and surprise Father’s Day program for your dad! It can be as grand and structured or as simple and free-form as you see fit that your dad would absolutely love. The most vital sentiment here is to shower him with love and appreciation.

You can plan some fun laughter-inducing games that he would really get a kick out of. Whether it’s your own game or simple board games, the excitement and good times are going to keep rolling. You can also prepare a special song and dance numbers with your other family members that serve as a dedication and tribute to your dad.

Father and Child Outdoors

Enjoy the Beauty of the Outdoors

Regardless if you have a large or relatively small spaced outdoors area, it would definitely be a great idea to have your family’s Father’s Day gathering outside in the fresh air and under the beautiful sky.  There’s absolutely nothing like the sweet and calming sounds of nature.

While you are outside you can head out and purchase some seeds and set aside a little bit of time to plant in your garden with dad, from which the flowers that grow will be a testament to his greatness as a father.

But most definitely, your dad is undeniably going to enjoy busting out the grill and cooking up some meat while you sip on a few drinks and brewskis. You can let your younger siblings play as you and dad have heart-to-heart conversations over a few cold ones while the breathtaking sunset fills your dad’s heart and soul with the undying love of his family.


Key Takeaway

Whether you decide to go out of town or just stay at home in your San Juan townhouse, Father’s Day is all about making your dad feel like the strong family pillar that he is. Try these tips out and see how this Father’s Day can definitely be one for the books!