Blog | February 12,2018
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What are the essential feng shui decorating tips for a Scout Area townhouse for sale?

1. Front Door (clear the space for the door, harmonize the colors of the home with the front door, making sure that the door is just the right proportion)
2. Living Room (clear the clutter, let more light in, make more space)
3. Bathroom (add more green colors for financial prosperity)
4. Bedroom (make sure that the bed is easily accessible from both sides, clear any electronics from the bedroom, add some color)
5. Balcony (add some plants, position the plants accordingly)


Townhouses for sale in Scout Area and New Manila are definitely popular with many people. For sure, the available units will be running out soon if you let this opportunity pass by! For those who already own a townhouse, the upcoming Chinese New Year will surely be a wonderful one, especially if they have their feng shui up to par.

Just to give some enlightenment, feng shui is an ancient Chinese art and system of spatial arrangement and orientation of certain objects around the home in relation to the flow of qi, or energy as the Chinese call it. Feng shui can go 2 either ways, depending on the overall flow of energy in a home. For instance, if the arrangement is correctly attuned to the home’s energy, good fortune and prosperity are guaranteed to rain on one’s life. On the other hand, if the effect of feng shui proves to be an ineffective one, bad luck will be sure to follow. For every Scout Area townhouse for sale and pretty much any condo for rent in New Manila on the market for Chinese New Year, there is definitely going to be a lot of decorating options for the occasion—so with that said, here are the best 5 essential feng shui decorating tips for you to consider:

Front Door

Front Door

The first thing that people know and see when it comes to a house is none other than the front door. When it comes to this, there is definitely a lot of options to consider. However, it would be best for you to clear any obstructions that lead to the front door. You may also paint it a color that completely harmonizes with the overall tone with your home. It is also a sign of good fortune to clean the area around it. Doing so is actually a great way to start incorporating feng shui in your townhouse.


Living Room

Of course, once you enter a home, the first area you go to is none other than the living room. When it comes to this, there are actually more than enough options for you to incorporate feng shui into the home. For instance, what you can do for your living room is to get rid of pretty much all the clutter from the area. In fact, the more space there is, the more fortune will surely rain down on you for the rest of the year!

Apart from that, try to let in as much sunlight as you can. Go ahead and draw your curtains as wide as possible so that your living quarters will be nothing but bright.




The bathroom can be a pretty nice place to do all of your thinking and wondering. When it comes to feng shui for your bathroom, grab as much green stuff to fill it all up.

In Chinese culture, green signifies money. This means that the more you decorate your bathroom with this color, the more financial fortune you will get for the Year of Dog. Get ready to bring in all your green rugs, green shower curtains, and even green soap holder.



The bedroom is the best place anyone can consider as their own personal space. It is the one place in your home, where anyone can just lay their heads down and pay a visit to slumber-town.

The best things you can do to incorporate feng shui into your bedroom is to position your bed in a way that you can access it easily on either side. If you could, place a bedside table on both ends—this will greatly bring in balance to your life. Also, add some color schemes to your bed space because this will promote harmony. On the other hand, remove the electronics in your bedroom so you won’t invite any negative qi to your sleeping space.



The balcony is one of the most refreshing areas to hang in your townhouse. It’s the best place for you to get some fresh air without actually having to leave your home. Surround your balcony with some fauna and flora not only to bring more beauty to your own abode, but also bring more good luck and positive qi into your own space.


Key Takeaway

Start the Year of the Dog right!

Follow these feng shui tips listed above to invite balance, harmony, peace, prosperity, and financial fortune to your home this New Year. Go ahead and have some fun redecorating your new home, and make sure to maintain its cleanliness all throughout the year.

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!