Blog | March 2,2018
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What are the common mistakes when designing a New Manila townhouse for sale?

1. Getting over- or under-sized furniture
2. Opting for lighting that is too harsh or too dim
3. Selecting paint before furniture
4. Combining different styles
5. Including too many family photos
6. Not hiding your storage


Nowadays, prospective homeowners have a lot of housing options to choose from. They’re not just limited to the typical single-family house, especially with the rise of more affordable and more practical choices, such as a townhouse for sale in New Manila or a condo for rent in the same area.

Whichever of these 2 options you choose, you’re still going to end up as a new homeowner, meaning your situation can be quite overwhelming. One of the most prevalent issues that someone in your position might encounter revolves around designing. This rings especially true for those who’ve never had experience with interior design, or those who aren’t particularly artsy.

The key to avoid these blunders, as with many other things, is being aware of what they are.

So, whether you’re planning to get a townhouse for sale in New Manila or perhaps finding a condo for rent in the vicinity, here are some of the most common designing mistakes that you should know:

Getting Over- or Under-Sized Furniture

Getting Over- or Under-Sized Furniture

When designing, homeowners sometimes lose their sense of space and scale. That is, they purchase furniture with barely any consideration about these two significant factors; or sometimes, they miscalculate the precise dimensions of their space.

The result? Your room will feel and look off.

No, that massive couch won’t be as comfortable as it might initially seem, especially if it’s too large for your room. Substantial furniture, needless to say, consumes a lot of space, which will make the room feel cramped. Additionally, it will also hamper with the circulation and flow. These definitely do not sound cozy at all.


Opting for Lighting That is Too Harsh or Too Dim

Lighting can either make or break your room. You’ve probably already stumbled upon a place (a commercial space, perhaps) where the illumination is way too bright and jarring. The effect is stifling and overwhelming.

Similarly, a poorly lit room is hardly the way to go either. It won’t feel inviting and welcoming at all.

There are some ways to remedy this. For one, you can opt for secondary lighting (such as floor and table lamps) to balance and distribute the illumination in the room. Another way is by buying and installing lights, wherein you can adjust the brightness and dimness as needed.

Selecting Paint Before Furniture

Selecting Paint Before Furniture

Sure, it might be enticing to quickly paint your room in that charming shade . . . but refrain yourself.

Experts suggest that you pick a furniture (or a material, such as the fabric) first before you select a wall color.

There are literally thousands of shades you can choose from, and it won’t be a problem for you to find the exact shade that will complement your furniture. On the contrary, it might be challenging to find a couch or a curtain that will suit your wall color.


Combining Different Styles

There are tons of design styles you can choose from. The list goes on and on, and it might be difficult to pick just one style.

It’s not really forbidden for you to mix different styles . . . as long as they go well together, of course.

Although it’s refreshing to have the freedom to go wild and design as you please, at the end of the day, you need to remember that coordination is the key to an organic room.

Given this, make sure that you don’t lump together two elements that just don’t harmonize with each other. Also, it can be a bit boring if everything is too coordinated. Ensure that the whole room looks balanced.

Including Too Many Family Photos

Including Too Many Family Photos

Who doesn’t want showcasing their family photos? It’s highly tempting to display those memorabilia in as much surface or wall as possible. There’s nothing really wrong with this. But the thing is, people sometimes do not know how to exhibit these photos properly. That is, they inundate their space with these pictures, and the end result will be a chaotic collage that no one will feel compelled to look at.


Not Hiding Your Storage

The importance of storage can never be stressed enough. Without them, homes will be replete with clutter that will transform your space into a total disaster.

Let’s admit it, storage can be exceedingly repulsive to the eyes, which is why it’s best that you hide them in plain sight. Don’t let a handful of boxes ruin an otherwise lovely room!


Key Takeaway

Times have changed. Gone are the days when the only housing option for prospective homeowners is a single-family home. Today, there’s a vast array of choices available, such as a townhouse for sale in New Manila.

Regardless of the housing type, however, there’s something that binds future homeowners together (especially if it’s their first time owning a home) —that is, falling into the trap of committing interior design blunders!

In order to avoid these mistakes, it’s vital that you familiarize yourself with them before you plunge into designing your very own space.