City Guide | June 18,2019
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The food scene of Metro Manila’s cities is continuously evolving. With more outsiders coming to work or study, cafes and restaurants are at its most vibrant ever.

Some examples are the cities of San Juan and Quezon City proving themselves to have the best neighborhoods for young professionals and families. They are prime for development due to their proximity to known establishments, malls, and schools. With the help of premier real estate marketplace New Manila San Juan, you can easily choose among their personally curated residences!

Excited about your food trip as you move in? Here are some of our picks on where to dine in the cities of San Juan and New Manila.

HotBox Kitchen

450  Wilson St. Cor. P. Guevara Addition Hills, San Juan


When a restaurant has only less than 30 seats, you know they focus on giving each customer the best dining experience. At the HotBox Kitchen, you will get a taste of American and Canadian comfort food made by couple chef Evan and Michelle Corby.


Their Steak Frites will probably be the first thing the staff and other customers recommend if you ask for a meal that best shows the culinary chops of HotBox. You get a hefty 10 ounces Angus ribeye, Parmesan fries (you can upgrade this to Poutine), and bacon gravy.


We recommend, just like in any steakhouse, to get your steak rare or medium rare, and not well done. This is not bistek after all. For the adventurous, their Bourbon Glazed Pork Chop is also a solid option. It is an unusual take on the pork chop cut but it works.


Chef Laudico Guevarra’s

387 P. Guevarra Street, San Juan


We will say it straight: the food at Chef Laudico Guevarra’s is simply good. You eat here if you want both classic and fusion Filipino, Asian, and Italian dishes are done right.


The place is a result of the Laudico couple, Roland and Jackie, having successful food businesses like the Laudico’s Bistro Filipino and BFast in Makati. The former is a fine dining restaurant while the latter is more on breakfast and brunch meals.


We specifically liked the Angus Kare Kare. The bold and upfront taste of the beef compliments well of the nutty yellow sauce. Their fried Dorry and Mango Curry is a fresh take on fried fish dishes. The Pakbet Bagnet is a dish made with the best produce and ingredients available. For dessert, try their Molten Tablea which had a more earthy taste compared to most chocolate pastries.


The restaurant is best for your Sunday after-mass lunch or big family reunions. Once you get a taste of their food, other buffet places would seem lacking. This is a place for people who wants a “taste for the finer things.”

Tokyo Bubble Tea

229 Wilson St., Greenhills, San Juan


It is clear that milk tea with boba pearls or bubble tea is more than just a fad in the Philippines. Tokyo Bubble Tea is proof that you can be hip yet classic.


Their bubble tea drinks are the best items to order here. Their Royal Milk Tea with bubbles is known to have layers in its taste, unlike other milk tea drinks that have just a flat taste profile. The Jasmine Milk Tea with egg pudding and bubbles has a mix of a fragrant taste from the Jasmine tea and a rich creamy taste from the pudding.


Savory meals are also served here. You can try their plate of Gyoza if you want something light or Black Pepper Chicken with Kimchi Rice if you are here to stay for dinner.


FETA Mediterranean

G/F Intrawest, 33 Annapolis St, Greenhills, San Juan


FETA offers classic favorites and new must-tries Mediterranean dishes. It is a product of years of expertise and experience of Chef Beyto Koc who primarily aims to provide authentic Mediterranean food to everyone. In fact, most of the customers who dine here are Iranian, Lebanese, and other Middle Eastern ethnicities that really proved its authenticity!


This restaurant is not for those with a small appetite as each delicacy is served generously. It is made for sharing jampacked with rich and exotic spices.


We recommend their best sellers: Kebab on a Stick, Beef Pide, and Lamb Shank. You can also have the Platter of Mezedez which serves all the samples of their best appetizers like hummus, eggplant salad, keftedes, and more. Everything in it is delicious together!