Blog | May 18,2018
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What are some fantastic ideas you could do to celebrate the month with your Mother in Quezon City?

  1. Shop around Araneta Center
  2. Go café hopping
  3. Have a fun and relaxing time at home


The month of May celebrates mothers; it’s the time when we reflect and appreciate everything that our moms have done for us. Quezon City is an amazing part of Metro Manila. And whether you and your family find yourself scouting areas for townhouses for sale or already residing within the city’s vicinities, there are countless ideas as to how you and your family could shower your mom with love and gratitude.

The multitude of condos for rent in New Manila is a testament to how much people are very much becoming more and more inclined to all the wonderful things that the city has to offer. If you find yourself contemplating on some potential ideas for you and your mom to explore here in Quezon City, this article aims to lay a few of them out.



Shop Around Araneta Center

Motherhood is no joke. The responsibility that a woman bears from raising a child is no easy feat. So, it is only proper that you take time this month to treat your mom with the pampering that she very much deserves.

Araneta Center is one of the top shopping centers in the area. Why don’t you schedule a day to bring your mom out for some shopping trip? For sure, this will enable you to have an entire day of fun and bonding. Go ahead and visit her favorite shops or you could introduce her to new ones.

Afterward, you can avail spa services that will surely get rid of all the stress you gained from walking around. Another option you could explore is going to the cinemas and allow her to pick which movie she would like to watch with you.


Go Cafe Hopping

Quezon City is a haven for numerous local cafes. This month, surprise your mom by bringing her to the cute and charming cafes surrounding the city.

Some of the cafes you may want to try are:

  • Artsy Café
  • Firefly Coffee
  • Books and Borders Café
  • Café Marla
  • Cup Fiction

These coffee shops are not only known for their tasty snacks and beverages, they are also known for their cool and relaxing ambiance.


Have a Fun and Relaxing Time at Home

Whether or not you are living in the Quezon City area, sometimes the most special and memorable time you can do with your mom are those that are spent within the peace and serenity of your very own home.

Get the whole family together for a splendid meal, because nothing puts a brighter smile on a mother’s face than seeing the whole family together sharing some love and laughter.

  • Take an ‘exotic’ vacation


Even if you can’t exactly afford to fly out, you can enjoy the bounties of all that their rich cultures have to offer in your very own home! You can prepare a special breakfast for your mom that includes croissants, French bread, cheese, and fruit—perfect for having a lovely picnic in your very own backyard.


  • Revisit old photos and videos


What better way to celebrate the month than to dig through the family archives! You can spend a day looking through and reorganizing old family photos and VHS tapes. This would be a great opportunity to laugh and embrace all the great memories that you and your mom have shared while you were growing up.


  • Get pampered


Besides the beauty or salon-oriented events that were previously mentioned, you can treat your mom to a relaxing day of pampering at home! Give her the rest and relaxation she deserves by letting her sit back and soak in the tub while you get all the chores and errands done.

Let her enjoy the weekend by completely ridding her of any stress and just letting her fully unwind with whatever her heart desires, with you attending to her every need.


  • Plant some flowers


You can create an absolutely beautiful and breathtaking canvas in your very own garden. You and your mom could head out and purchase some packets of various flower seeds. Make short and special heartwarming messages from the whole family and stick them in the dirt alongside where you planted the seeds.


Key Takeaway

Many people find themselves scouting areas for townhouses for sale or condos for rent in the New Manila area. Quezon City is truly a beautiful place to live in with no shortage of special events and activities. The month of May is all about showing some love and appreciation for your mom.

So, whatever it is that you decide on: heading out to a day around the town or spending a peaceful day at home, what’s important is that you grab this opportunity to bond with your mom and let her know how much you care for. And remember, showing appreciation to her doesn’t stop when the month ends!