Blog | April 26,2018
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How can you avoid bug infestation in your home?

  1. Double-check furniture before purchasing
  2. Clean your house regularly
  3. Stay as ‘dry’ as possible
  4. Avoid too much clutter
  5. Ask help from professionals


In metropolitan places like Taguig and San Juan, townhouses for sale and apartments for rent can commonly be found. Condos for rent in New Manila and the surrounding areas in the urban centers are the symbol of modern infrastructure and the steady development of the country.

These condos and townhouses are known to be simple, yet elegant and fully functional, making the transition of moving into a new place to live in quite easy. They are, after all, more updated in terms of architectural design when compared to the typical Filipino houses we see everywhere; this gives the resident a distinctly comfortable feeling whether they are just relaxing in the living room or admiring the skyline from their room on the tenth floor.

However, regardless of where you live, there is one problem shared by you and everyone who has a home: bugs. Bugs can exist wherever there are corners to lurk in and reproduce; and your house, as you know, is full of corners—some of which you won’t be able to check all the time.

Truly, bug infestation can be a real pain—creatures so little, yet so capable of making your life significantly more stressful. Chaotic as they may be though, they are still just bugs, and they can be avoided and controlled. Read on to find out how.

Double-Check Furniture Before Purchasing

Double-Check Furniture Before Purchasing

The furniture defines what a place is. A place filled with multiple round tables is a restaurant; a place with a collection of bookshelves is a library; and a place with desks, basic kitchen utilities, and a dining area is an office. Furniture, without a doubt, is largely responsible for making your home the way it is.

Important as it may be, it could also be one of the main reasons why bugs may start breeding in your home. Buying furniture, in particular, can be the cause of bug infestation.

Be sure that when buying furniture, you have checked them thoroughly enough to be certain that they are genuinely clean and will not cause pest control issues in your home.


Clean Your House Regularly

Bugs and pests, in general, absolutely love it when there are filthy areas. They are, for some reason, attracted to dirtiness, so if your house is guilty of this crime, get ready for a bug invasion—and say goodbye to a few hours of sleep.

Our number one tip is to always keep your house clean. Doing so will keep bugs from settling in your place and gives you one less reason to worry about. Aside from this, your daily life will be so much more comfortable and you can rest assured that no unwanted bugs are constantly crawling around you.

Stay as ‘Dry’ as Possible

Stay as ‘Dry’ as Possible

A tower of undone dishes and basins unnecessarily filled with water will not bode well for you if you wish to avoid a bug infestation. Aside from dirty places, bugs enjoy water just as well, as it is also a breeding ground for them as well as a free drinking supply.

Always try to keep your home as dry as possible—this means that you should do your dishes as soon as you’re done using them, avoid leaving full buckets of water, and keep an eye out for leaky pipes and plumbing. You will be effectively reducing the likelihood of bug infestation this way.

Also, don’t forget that cockroaches are also known as ‘waterbugs’—yes, WATER bugs.


Avoid Too Much Clutter

It’s nice to have a lot of stuff, really—provided, however, that you actually need all those stuff. Bugs have a higher likelihood of infesting your home if they have more places to hide in, under, or behind. Stay vigilant, because a cockroach party may be happening inside your favorite china without you knowing.

If you positively need to keep all your things, then keep them organized in a manner wherein you could always keep an eye on them without having to kneel or crawl.

Ask Help from Professionals

Ask Help from Professionals

If you have taken every precaution and you still feel like you haven’t done enough, nothing is wrong in asking advice from pest control professionals. They’re called professionals because they know exactly what to do and they have been doing it effectively for years.

Professionals have specialized equipment and people with complete training. This means that no matter what your home looks like (whether it is a condo or a townhouse for sale in San Juan), they can weed out the bugs inside and rid your place of them.


Key Takeaway

Bug infestation is troublesome and irritating. It is the bane of every homeowner, especially since bugs pose considerable risks to health. This is why it is important to keep your house clean and organized, and to make sure that every nook and cranny of the place is checked on a regular basis. Seeking out professional help is a neat idea too, as they are able to do the job more effectively as well as verify that your home truly is bug-free.