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Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway) means Wind-Water, is an ancient Chinese science which creates balance and harmony to living & work spaces, so that your life force energy, or Ch’i, (pronounced chee) flows, increasing your prosperity, health and happiness. It is also about change, what we do in our environment will affect the outcome of different aspects of our lives.

To attract good fortune in your home this year of the Earth Pig, here are 5 feng shui steps that you may try:


Tidy up and organize your home’s spaces

Feng Shui

The first step of inviting harmonious feng shui energy into your house is to clean and spruce up your things. Do remove the clutter both inside and outside your home, including the basements and garages. Presence of unwanted and unorganized objects, as well as having dusty, broken or unused items around your house blocks the flow of good energy.


Ensure your home’s air ventilation and lighting

Feng Shui

Open windows to let in fresh air at least once a week and setting up of full spectrum lights are one of few examples to bring the good Qi in and circulate throughout the space.

Create optimistic color schemes for your living spaces to brighten up each section of your house. Feng shui believes that the body reacts to energies that light and air produce, which could either nourish or drain you.


Improve your home’s color harmonization

Indeed, determining which color is right for your home could be onerous depending on your house lightings and interior design color. According to feng shui experts, the lucky colors for interior decorations in 2019 are red, orange, pink and white, combined with touches of green and blue.

Blue color that symbolizes water element for example, is a good color pick in the North bagua area to support the energy of your career growth or in the East (health/family) and Southeast (​wealth/money) areas to water and nourish the Wood feng shui element.

When choosing colors for the home, make sure that the chosen feng shui colors compliments not only with you, but also the other “inhabitants” of your home, such as your spouse, parents, or children.


Utilize the five feng shui elements in your home

Feng Shui

The balance of the five elements is essential to allow for a good flow of qi in all your household areas. To achieve this, you must have an understanding on how the five feng shui elements work.

Fire, which symbolizes passion and high energy, occupies the South area of your house;
Earth, which symbolizes nourishment and stability, occupies the Center, Southwest and Northeast part of your house;
Metal, which symbolizes efficiency, precision and sharpness, the Northwest and West;
Water, which symbolizes abundance and purity, the North; and
Wood, which symbolizes growth and vitality, occupies the east and southeast of the house.

For instance, if you want to achieve wealth and good health for your family in 2019, you may place feng shui elements of wood, such as feng shui plants, in the southeast area of your house.


Feng Shui’s Trinity

Feng Shui

Feng Shui

There is a powerful energy connection between three feng shui areas in your home that are related to your well-being: your bedroom, your bathroom, and your kitchen. This feng shui trinity needs to be treated right because your health is connected.

Few examples are keeping the bedroom doors closed at bedtime, which includes the ensuite bathroom door and also the toilet lids down; install a door or curtain if there is no door connecting the two rooms.

Follow these tips as you plan your renovations in your home this year of the Pig and may good luck come into your home this 2019!

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