Blog | April 13,2018
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What are ways to save on your electricity bill this summer?

  1. Unplug appliances which aren’t being used
  2. Make use of natural lighting
  3. Use sunlight as a dryer for laundry
  4. Use a timer for your air conditioning unit


The Philippines is globally recognized as a top summer getaway for its eye-catching beaches and its tropical climate. While the country is famous for its unbelievably high number of places to spend your vacation in, it’s also infamous for scorching hot days and inflated electricity bills. There is almost no exception to this—whether it’s Taguig, Ilocos, or San Juan, inside a townhouse for sale or the 10th floor of a high rise, the elevated temperatures are palpable.

Since the natural climate of the entire country is the primary concern here, there really isn’t anything you can do other than adapt to it. You are either going to be extremely sweaty and irritated or you’re going to have a ridiculously expensive electricity bill.

However, there is good news for you: it is possible to both stay comfortable and maintain your electricity bill. There is a middle ground that affords both, and in this article, you will be reading about ways on how you could save money on your electricity bill.

Unplug Appliances Which Aren’t Being Used

Unplug Appliances Which Aren’t Being Used

Let’s be honest—daily life just wouldn’t be as easy as it is if you take electricity out of the picture. Thanks to it, we have come to know (and get used to) a sense of comfort and convenience. Of course, it isn’t for free, but the good thing about it is that you, to some extent, have control over it.

Similar to how cellular phones and laptops work, sockets have a “standby” mode. Appliances plugged into them may be completely powered off, but as long as they’re connected to the socket, trace amounts of electricity are still going through—and yes, it is you who is paying for all of it.

Keep this in mind the next time you forget to remove your cell phone charger from the socket when your phone has been fully charged. It may seem small, but the value accumulates.


Make Use of Natural Lighting

While it is a fact that the sun is the direct source of heat in the planet, it is also true that it is the best source of light, bar none. It’s easy to think that you’re better off drawing the curtains and switching your lights on, but the actuality is that you’re not. You won’t be making your rooms any less hot, and you’ll only be adding to your electricity bill.

Heavy sunlight or not, the room temperature is dependent on the overall temperature of the environment. Regardless of how bright the sun is shining on your house, the average temperature in the Philippines is and has always been high, so you might as well just open your windows and make use of the sunlight.

It’s free, and it never runs out.

Use Sunlight as a Dryer for Your Laundry

Use Sunlight as a Dryer for Your Laundry

Summer equals heat, heat equals sweat, sweat equals soaked clothes, and soaked clothes equals an outfit change. It’s necessary to stay cool and prevent body odor, but your dirty clothes aren’t going to wash themselves.

Naturally, they’re going to need washing—which typically covers the process of putting them inside a washing machine, spinning, and draining, before letting the dryer finish the job. Dryers, however, can be quite heavy on the electricity on any day, let alone a summer day.

Instead of using the dryer, hang your wet clothes out under the sun and let it do the drying. It takes a bit more effort than when you use a dryer, but it can help save a significant amount of electricity, and it’s just as effective as a dryer. Before there were dryers, this is the way that clothes were dried—and it is because it worked.


Use a Timer for Your Air Conditioning Unit

In a tropical country where it is hot for most of the year, cool days are a godsend—so are air conditioners. They can eliminate the fatigue from a hard day at work, and are amazing when it comes to helping us sleep comfortably.

Another thing air conditioners are well-known for is how much they can increase your electricity bill. They do work wonders, but they are also responsible for a significant portion of your expenses. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should stop using them altogether—most air conditioning units have an in-built timer, designed for the purpose of saving energy.

Ideally, you should set the air conditioner to shut down once you’re deep asleep. Some people even keep it on just until the room is cold or until the moment they feel sleepy. Regardless, even if you decided to set it to power off an hour or two before you wake up, you will still be saving a good amount of money thanks to the air conditioner hours you have shaved off.


Key Takeaway

It is difficult to live comfortably without relying on electricity. This summer makes it a bit more challenging, as you need to stay cool while keeping your electricity consumption at the same time. The best thing to do would be to use the heat and the sunlight to your advantage while being efficient and disciplined when it comes to using the appliances and other devices in your San Juan townhouse for sale.